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Cryptodaily Admin: Good day everyone, hope you are all having a productive Monday! Today Rocky Balboa from the ChampInu project is here with us. Hello and welcome, how are you feeling today?

Rocky Balboa: Hello everyone, I am feeling great and thanks for having me here today

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey it’s our pleasure Are you ready to start the AMA?

Rocky Balboa: Yes, ready

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfect! So to warm up, why don’t you introduce the ChampInu project to the audience:

Q1: What is ChampInu and what is its utility?

Rocky Balboa: Champinu is a Community focused Project.

We have various utilities and different uses cases:

– NFT Staking pools

– Revenue Generating product

– P2E Game (Metaverse)

Our main product is which is a Crypto casino with some of the most advanced gamemods up to date!

Cryptodaily Admin: ooh a gambling site eh, we don’t have many betting sites promoting in the community so this is fresh!

Q2: Please introduce us to the Team of Champinu, which prior experience does the Champinu team have?

Rocky Balboa: Sure: Our team has been in the Crypto industry for many years now.

The recent boom in the Metaverse has sparked our interest and we have decided to commit to a project ourselves since we have been involved

in other projects in the past.

Most of our team is very experienced when it comes to Crypto

Cryptodaily Admin: So you guys decided to build a platform for the community after the explosion of “Metaverse”. I’m curious, how can ChampInu integrate itself with the Metaverse?

Rocky Balboa: We do have some NFTs and a P2E game in development in which it will be possible to use and add utility to our Champ NFTs

Q3: Right, so let’s talk about your token. How do the tokenomics of Champinu work?

Rocky Balboa: 10 % taxes, 7% going to static rewards which means you earn rewards with every single transaction.

Considering that the dead wallet holds 15% of the total supply, more and more tokens get burned with each transaction, thus reducing the supply!

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes and I think more details can be found on your website. So check out: everyone!

Q4: Why is Champinu unique? What makes people want to use your product?

Rocky Balboa: Champinu has a unique revenue-generating product, All $CHAMPINU holders will get 50% of the profits generated with Champbet,

We believe that it is not enough just involving the community but also having them profit off our product

Cryptodaily Admin: So the holders can share 50% profits of all of your products? or it’s just the profits from champbet?

Rocky Balboa: Champbet is the product which will generate a profit – therefore Champbet

Cryptodaily Admin: Right yeah but I mean in the future, you also have P2E and the metaverse also… Those can generate revenue if I’m not mistaken. But we are talking about months from now

Rocky Balboa: Those can indeed generate revenue but at this point in time, it is planned to share the Champbet profits

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes absolutely, and 50% is not a small number. So you were talking about getting the community involved in the project

Q5: how can the community be involved in ChampInu?

Rocky Balboa: Community and transparency are key for us, the Community can take part in polls for decision making when it comes to deciding important stuff.

We appreciate all feedback from the community and work closely together to make the most out of Champinu

Cryptodaily Admin: Nice! I always appreciate a project that values its community

Rocky Balboa: Definitely!

Q6: What can we expect the year 2022 will be like for Champinu?

Cryptodaily Admin: Will there be any important stuff being decided by the community?

Rocky Balboa: We do have a lot coming up this year, the first thing will be the NFT distribution, after that the beta version of our casino

We have already made a lot of progress and will keep everyone updating as to how it goes, to see the full roadmap you can go on:

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah and there’s a pre sales coming up in a few hours too, which I will leave it to you to walk us through at the end of this AMA

Q7: Is Champinu audited by any institution?

Rocky Balboa: For sure Champinu has been audited twice + KYCed, you can see all of our audit results which by the way got a near-perfect result on here:

Q8: Where can we learn more about Champinu?

Cryptodaily Admin: Remember to plug in all your social channels as well, we would love to check out your communities!

Rocky Balboa: Website:



Upcoming Product:

Presale: (Going live today at 14:30 UTC!)

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with ChampInu

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Rocky Balboa: Thanks a lot for all your questions and I hope to see you around on Champinu

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for being here with us. It has been a pleasure, and we wish you and ChampInu the best of luck!

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