Chainstack Launches on Binance Smart Chain, Providing More Robust Infrastructure

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been provided with a more robust infrastructure thanks to the recent partnership with Chainstack – a foremost leading blockchain managed service provider.

Chainstack and Binance Smart Chain 

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Chainstack announced a new partnership between the blockchain and the blockchain management service. The agreement came via Twitter on Wednesday, June 16th, 2021. BSC is a welcoming merge on to Chainstack as the service offers the versatility needed to keep up with the ever-scaling smart chain. Chainstack provides fast and resilient node infrastructure, top-quality engineering, and affordable pricing. 

Chainstack X Binance Smart Chain | Source 

Every day the infrastructure of Chainlink provides services to thousands of companies and web3 projects worldwide. The protocol uses blockchain infrastructure that is scalable, multi-cloud, multi-region, and radically simple to use.

Thanks to an easy and intuitive dashboard that enables developers to run blockchain nodes and applications in just a few clicks, Chainstack builds a bridge between Web3 and Web2 that helps on-ramping more businesses to BSC.

Although the blockchain industry has gone through many distinct stages and has leaped forward in maturing, there are still hurdles when running a node. Networks must still overcome many core infrastructure hurdles that focus away from product development and marketing strategies leading to poor outcomes.

Benefits of Switching to Chainstack Infrastructure for BSC

Optimized processing:

The addition of Binance Smart Chain to Chainstack makes CeDeFi accessible and scalable. A protocol need not look any further at having more robust options when deciding on the best protocol for their application. They will be able to save time, energy, and cost by deploying the Chainstack Infrastructure nodes. 

Benefits of Deploying on Chainstack on BSC | Source

Deploying/Building on BSC Becomes Much More Accessible:

Due to this partnership, businesses have the added option to build on the fast, cheap BSC network and deploy their nodes. Synchronization only takes a matter of minutes. There is predictable pricing that is industry-beating made possible by the high degree of top-quality automation engineering.

Chainstack offers the most cost-efficient range of plans for builders of any size and request volume, starting with a free-forever Developer plan that includes 3M requests per month for BSC full nodes.

Built By Builders for BSC Builders:

The platform is highly optimized for developers on BSC. Builders can start saving their time and resources by deploying on the Chainstack infrastructure. This will afford BSC Builders a drastic reduction of their time-to-market and enjoy high-performing and reliable infrastructure on various hosting options. 

Chainstack monitors fully managed public clouds on  Amazon Web Service (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to onsite-premises.

Built for builders by builders, the Chainstack blockchain managed services integrate tools to simplify building and running either a DApp, a blockchain analytics platform, or a crypto trading bot in its Marketplace. The company also runs node management and operations.


Get access to all of the juicy prices for BSC developers, including a limited timed offer for the BSC community ending July 15th. This includes a free Business plan for three months (+ 20M full and 3M archive requests included monthly) and an unlimited monthly request on BSC for enterprise (+ option to pay in cryptocurrency) on the Chainstack BSC page.

Limited Time Offer For The BSC Community | Source

Thanks to Chainstack’s world-class engineering and lean infrastructure. BSC Builders will find the building and deploying their application on the leading infrastructure service a lucrative one compared to other existing services in the blockchain. The recent launch of BSC comes with its added benefit to BSC builders and project owners.

For example, shared BSC archive nodes on the Business plan will include 3M requests per month for $49/month, while dedicated archive nodes with unlimited requests will be available on the Enterprise plan. This includes introductory pricing for shared BSC full nodes at $0/month on the Developer plan with 3M requests included or unlimited requests on dedicated nodes on the Enterprise plan.

About Chainstack

Chainstack is the leading infrastructure blockchain managed service provider in the industry. Its infrastructural services include PolygonHyperledger FabricCorda, Quorum, and Bitcoin infrastructure. The protocol is made for builders by builders.

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