Chainlink Teams with Wasder for Secure Blockchain Gaming

Innovation in gaming and play-to-earn is coming, and Wasder looks to be ahead of the pack.

The Spot for Play-to-Earn

Wasder has announced a new partnership with Chainlink.  As a unique platform in gaming, Wasder hopes that integration with the Chainlink oracle system will provide gamers with a verifiable mechanism to randomize all sorts of in-game assets. 

As play-to-earn takes over Decentralized Finance (DeFi), we are seeing a rise in auxiliary social platforms to bring users together. No longer must users feel isolated in the echo chambers of Telegram and Discord channels. Wasder has an ambitious plan to become a haven for gamers. 

“Our commitment to Chainlink cements our vision of using blockchain technology to provide gamers with a truly fair standard that they can trust when it comes to important functions like randomly determining the contents of loot boxes, distributing rewards and collectibles of varying rarities, and creating overall exciting and unpredictable digital experiences,” explained CEO of Wasder Thomas Gronnevik in an official Medium post from September 1. 

The move to partner with Chainlink is a big step for Wasder. The gaming platform joins forces with one of the most reputable names for fairness in DeFi. Users will have a transparent and reliable standard for various gaming features by leveraging Chainlink’s unlimited collections of data sources and secure and off-chain calculations.


If you have a passion for gaming, then Wasder might just be the platform for you. Chainlink will be able to help pick out hackers and bots, plus other unwanted disruptions. The chance to play fairly and reputably will empower Wasder as a leader in gaming. The partnership could help propel Wasder to make a name for itself in fairness and value.

“Fairness in gaming is absolutely essential to the long-term growth and health of the space. We are impressed by Wasder’s passion for truly fair and verifiable randomness on their platform and are excited to see it provide revolutionary benefits for both creators and consumers in the gaming industry,” asserted William Herkelrath, Managing Director at Chainlink Labs.

What is Wasder? 

Wasder is a social media platform for gamers founded in 2017. The platform recently went ahead with a token IDO in May 2021. The platform enables gamers to utilize several tools to find other gamers to play with, host communities, connect with their favorite streamers, have party chats with friends, and much more. 

With features like Matchmaking, Communities, Party Chats, Game Spaces, and a personalized feed, it’s easy to find new friends to play with and stay in touch and up to date with them. The platform incorporates a variety of tools that help gamers solve their biggest challenges. The ecosystem is built on blockchain technology, which enables content creators and e-sports teams to create NFTs so that their fans can support them. 

Where to find Wasder:

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