CertiK’s Byte Size Blockchain: What is Dapp Security

Take a minute to learn about the complexities of Decentralized Application security from the blockchain security experts at CertiK!

What is Dapp Security

Decentralized Applications (Dapp) are major components of the Web3 world. Their functionality unlocks the next level of the internet allowing users to engage with new and innovative protocols like Blockchain GamesDecentralized Exchanges (DEX), Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects, and more. The amount of money and trust put into these new technologies requires robust security and protection for users to feel safe enough to deposit entire life savings.

So, what is Dapp Security? Let’s jump into this short video from the security experts at CertiK to learn all about Dapp Security in just one minute!

What is CertiK:

CertiK is a blockchain security firm that helps projects identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications using its services, products, and cybersecurity techniques.

Where to find CertiK:

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Source : bsc.news

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