Celer Network Supports Partner Clover’s New EVM Chain

Users can now transfer assets between Clover Chain and Ethereum mainnet, and hopefully more in the future.

Celer Network Integrates Clover’s EVM Chain

Celer Network keeps expanding its ecosystem to offer more blockchain interoperability for users in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. With its unique cBridge product, designed to connect different blockchains, the inter-blockchain platform now supports Clover’s new EVM-compatible Chain. 

cBridge allows users to bridge crypto assets between blockchains easily at low costs. Thus, the integration will ultimately enable the transfer of assets between multiple chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Clover via the Celer cBridge. However, bridging is limited to just the Ethereum mainnet for now. Still, Celer announced via an official blog statement on March 12 that more assets plus blockchains would be added in the future. 

“The integration has started with USDT, USDC, DAI, and WBTC bridging between Ethereum and Clover, and we will extend to a wide spectrum of future multi-chain asset and message bridging support potentials between Clover and other blockchains,” the blog read. 


Lovers of the Clover ecosystem can now utilize the Celer Decentralized Application (dApp) for cross-chain transfers between Clover and Ethereum. With more assets on the horizon, including plans to merge more chains with Clover, Celer is building a complete suite of multi-chain relations. 

Changing the subject, Celer is holding a giveaway in partnership with Mask Network for users to claim USDT rewards. Although Mask network is not supported on Celer, the giveaway is for users who make cross-chain transfers between Ethereum mainnet and BNB Chain in $MASK token. 

The giveaway commenced on March 8 after Celer supported $MASK cross-chain transfer between both chains and will end on March 14. Read Mask Network’s March 8 Tweet for more details. 

What is Celer Network? 

Celer Network is the leading inter-blockchain and cross-layer communication platform in the industry. The protocol offers fast, secure, and cheap bridging between multiple chains. The Celer ecosystem comprises three unique products: inter-chain Message Framework, cBridge, and Layer2.Finance. 

Where to find Celer Network: 

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Source : bsc.news

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