CEEZEE SAFU – A Memecoin with Real Utility

As memecoins with less value diminish in relevance, CEEZEE SAFU is stepping in to provide new use-cases.

What is the Status of Crypto?

The years 2020 and 2021 have been the most exciting, painful, and anxiety provoking year for both new and veteran investors in the crypto space. With mass media exposure from multi-billionaires, to the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender from El Savador, these two years have been some of the most anticipated global adoption that many have been questioning and wondering about for many years. 

The Rise of the Memecoin

Interestingly, an unexpected stealth wave also collided with the rising trend of cryptocurrency: Memecoins. With Elon Musk’s endorsement of $Doge, a wave of memecoins injected itself into the market– some are great, but many are scams. One of the most popular of its kind was $Safemoon, which started the popular deflationary and auto-reflection mechanic that many projects imitate. Binance Smart Chain was taken by storm as both cheap and fast transaction fees made it an obvious choice for both investors and projects to launch their products. 

A New Project Emerges

Within the DeFi world, it is never easy to tell which products are legitimate, which products will survive, and which are investments or a gamble. In this season of the memecoin world, the question of longevity in memecoins still remains. Is it all hype? Will it disappear as quietly and quickly as it came? Many memecoins struggle to develop utility and function to combat the fear of dying out and being forgotten. Hundreds of projects have quickly been forgotten as promises and milestones have been too overshot, impossible, or taking too long. 

One project that indeed stands out is an unexpected one: CEEZEE SAFU. The entity boasts a meme-forefront, but has advertised a utility-based ecosystem that captures both the DeFi and traditional investing experience for its users. 


CEEZEE SAFU started off by taking a famous slogan from Binance CEO, CZ, and made it their ethos: “Your funds are safe”. Although unaffiliated with Binance or its CEO, the CEEZEE ecosystem lives up to what they stand for. One of their first campaigns was to help folks who had been rugged on Binance Smart Chain by doing a Rugged Charity Swap, where users who had been rugged had an opportunity to cash out worthless tokens to theirs. With more Rugged Charity Swaps pending, investors who have lost money in rugpulls or scams should definitely try to participate in these events.

Investors can eagerly look forward to other avenues in the CEEZEE ecosystem including their launchpad, social platform, staking, betting, and NFT marketplace. One of the most impressive feats of CEEZEE SAFU is the rate they meet milestones promised on the roadmap. They have been committed to developing their ecosystem even despite the bearish trend in May and even expanded their already vibrant team of developers. As of writing this article, CEEZEE has launched their first IDO through their launchpad, Kawi World (Kawi World is an interactive web-based game where users can purchase yield rewarding NFTs to their own digital world). 


After speaking with the CEEZEE SAFU CEO and COO, Richardson and Snow, investors can be rest assured that they can be expectant to see more of the ecosystem coming alive in the coming weeks. Users can expect the launch of their social platform and DeFi staking very soon. When asked for any sneak-peak, the CEO hinted at a unique gaming avenue for users to engage in during their down time. 

So the question remains, what does the future look like for CEEZEE SAFU? The outlook is very positive for this project. When taking a quick look many investors may laugh at their meme-forefront, but the project has been legitimizing themselves by endorsing their product through constantly expanding their credibility. From CertiK audits to partnering with RD Labs and UbiK Group, the project does not seem to stop their development and expansion. Investors should follow the platform with excitement as it continues to grow in size and credibility.

Source : bsc.news

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