CEEZEE ($SAFU): A Meme-Based Geometric Deflationary Token

$SAFU was created to combat the rising rug events rocking the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. The platform is built with a unique tokenomics that’s unlike most arbitrarily deflationary tokens.

What is CEEZEE ($SAFU)?

$SAFU is a BSC utility token created after witnessing too many scams and rugged projects in the ecosystem. It was designed to tackle the rising scams and give back to users of already rugged tokens.

CEEZEE Platform

Although created as a Meme token, the platform is seriously going to handle two key areas;

Adhere to the rising popularity of meme tokens

Find a way to combat their demise by adding utility.

The company has issued a disclaimer that they are in no way affiliated with CZ, owner of top global exchange Binance or the Binance company itself. They are only a big fan of the CEO and his company for what they are doing to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Although all of its features are yet to be launched, the platform will concentrate on specific areas that will drive the sustainability of its platform and add layers of utility to meme tokens.

Key Features

NFT Marketplace



SAFU Launchpad

Rugged Charity Swap


Project Components

Rugged Charity Swap (RCS):

RCS will be a place where dead and rugged tokens will be given a second life. It will be where the community-voted rugged projects will receive donations from the ecosystem via trading. There will be a transparent and fair whitelisting process, no bots, and no attempt to abuse the donation pool. The team hopes that the Swap platform will raise awareness for all future projects and their investors.

Rugged Charity Swap (RCS)


Even though transactions are charged and split into reward pools and burned, the stake platform reward won’t be reflectionary. Instead, a pool of $BNB, $CAKE, and $VENUS will be set up such that users who are staking tokens or providing LP will be eligible to claim their rewards through the SAFU Staking Platform.

NFT Marketplace

The team will present its unique 5 NFTs that will be auctioned and purchasable with $SAFU. The users can mint new NFTs; due to the smart contract’s nature, NFTs are entered into the reward pool, which owners can claim in the CEEZEE portal.

Safu Zone:

SAFU Zone will be the place where meme creators are rewarded for their creativity. The meme coin ecosystem has grown to be this powerful in the cryptocurrency market owing to the astronomical rise of Dogecoin and other meme coins. The only difference will be that with SAFU, meme coins will have use cases attached.

SAFU Launchpad

The launchpad platform will be distinct from prevailing launchpads that have inundated the ecosystem. In SAFU’s launchpad, much like the name, users are guaranteed quality projects to be shortlisted for Initial Dex Offering (IDO). SAFU will incorporate a vetting process to best ensure that users’ funds stay SAFU.


Take part in the prediction market and win rewards for your activities. On the betting portal, you can test your prediction skills on specific pairs. If you are correct, prizes will be split among the winners.

Project Update

Two charity donors have given to the Rugged Charity Swap, offering rewards to the users who were affected by the largest exploits in the BSC ecosystem. The platform explains how the distribution will occur in a Medium post and further details about each platform. Neural Pepe will give out ten awesome NFTs going out to the top 10 most losses!


Fox Finance donated ten awesome NFTs that will be randomly distributed to 10 lucky participants! The RCS will breathe new lives to already rugged tokens and give hope to investors who have lost funds to these scams or exploited projects.

The team has recently listed on whiteBit, a centralized exchange. This listing helps provide more liquidity for the token as well as puts more eyes on the project.

Source : bsc.news

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