cCBD – The first unique “stable coin” that controlled by an algorithm

cCBD is the world’s first single “stable coin” with two aspects, aligned with real CBD and algorithm regulated.

The CBD Cash Protocol is a Binance Smart Chain project that allows for the development of cCBD tokens.

Furthermore, cCBD is the first and only “stable coin” in the world with two aspects: actual CBD and algorithmic power.

CBD Cash (cCBD) is a token inspired by Basis Cash and bDollar that is intended to stabilize previously unstable prices by PEGylating 1g of CBD in a practical manner. When the cCBD is minted, the promise of the real Peg is verified.

It would also be possible to converge to the price of 1g of CBD when drawing a ballistic chart since it is an algorithm token built to lock the value to the price of 1g of CBD.

The protocol includes novel solutions for deterministically adjusting cCBD availability, moving cCBD prices toward target prices, and bringing DeFi programmability and interoperability.

It’s designed to adjust the supply of cCBD tokens without taking on any risk, similar to how central banks exchange financial debt to keep purchasing power stable.

CBD with high precision can be traded for cCBD tokens. (By the end of May 2021 or later)

You can choose from a variety of items thanks to our collaborations with a number of CBD factories and farms.

Furthermore, they will deliver CBD using the most appropriate shipping method for each region.

CBD CASH aims to become the world’s CBD standard currency with the involvement of several farms and factories in this protocol.


The cCBD token was created with the intention of being used as a medium of exchange. The protocol’s built-in stability mechanism dynamically extends and contracts the supply of cCBD, holding cCBD pegs at $ 20. (1g CBD price).

Shares of sCBD-cCBD

The cCBD strain emphasizes the importance of the cCBD protocol and relies on it to hold cCBD on the pegs in a systematic manner. The protocol mints cCBD and distributes it proportionally to all sCBD holders who bet tokens on the conference room during epoch expansion (when the time-weighted average price of TWAP-cCBD reaches the 1g CBD pegged price).

sCBD is also used to achieve fully decentralized on-chain governance. In this situation, holders of sCBD have voting rights and may propose improvements to the protocol.

The total availability of sCBD tokens is limited to 50,000. The team (3240) and DAO (3,750) will each receive 7,500 sCBD, which will be vested over a 12-month period. The remaining 42,500 sCBD will be used to reward liquidity suppliers in all three equity pools.

bCBD-bCBD Bonds

CBD Bonds (bCBD) are used to facilitate improvements in cCBD supply during the epoch’s expansion and contraction cycles. For instance, the ratio of cCBD to bCBD is 1: 1, but the ratio of bCBD to cCBD is determined by the mechanism discussed here. If the cCBD TWAP falls below $20 for 1g CBD, the bCBD will be released and can be bought alongside the cCBD at the current price. As a result, the cCBD will be removed from the circular supply.

Unlike the Seigniorage stable coin protocol, bCBD does not have an expiration date. bCBD tokens can be exchanged for cCBD tokens by any owner. When the protocol is an epoch extension, this is common.

Stabilisation Mechanism

Unique Stabilisation Mechanism by Algorithm 

(Boardroom) Epoch duration: 8 hours – compared to other protocols with longer epoch durations, the protocol responds quicker to stabilize the cCBD price to peg.

Expansion of the Epoch: If there are bonds to be redeemed, it is capped at +50% of the existing expansion limit, and it meets the expansion cap if the Treasury is sufficiently complete to satisfy bond redemption (See table below for detailed information)

bCBD tokens do not expire, which decreases the risk for bondholders significantly.

TWAP’s price feed oracle is focused on the average of two liquidity pool pairs (cCBD/BUSD and cCBD/BNB), making manipulation more difficult.

For each epoch extension, the protocol holds a minimum of 35% of the extended cCBD supply for sCBD boardroom stakers, while the rest is sent to the Treasury for bCBD holders to engage in bond redemption.

There is no discount for bond purchases, but there is a premium incentive for bond redemptions if users wait for cCBD to rise above the $20 BUSD peg.

cCBD Expansion

Total cCBD SupplyExpansion / Bonds Issued per Epoch
First28 Epoch4.00% Cap
5k+3.00% Cap
12.5k+2.00% Cap
25k+1.00% Cap
50k+0.75% Cap
125k+0.50% Cap
250k+0.25% Cap
500k+0.125% Cap
1m+0.10% Cap

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Fund

Algo stable fund and Real stable fund have a built-in contract to help keep the price of cCBD relatively stable and close to the $20 BUSD peg, but multi-signature holders are not yet known.

To stake, claimReward, and rebalance between cCBD, BUSD, and BNB in the contract, everyone can call the public method workForAlgoFund. The contract has a RealFund form, which allows the group to vote on how funds in the contract should be spent on auditors, external developers, sponsors, consultants, and paid services.

The following are the three most important functions:

1.a genuinely stable fund (25 percent )

2.Algo Stable Fund (Algo Stable Fund) (15%)

3.Bond Existed (0% to 10% )

Notably, the released cCBDs are immediately stabilized, and they can be reliably exchanged for 1g of CBD even if the cCBDs fall below the $20 estimated price of 1g CBD. Furthermore, the cCBD used for trading is burned, ensuring that the market balance is still maintained. 

Through the amount of goods that can only be bought with bCBD in the future, it can rapidly converge, also throughout the contraction time (cCBD 20 $), providing sCBD holders with a steady stream of income.

Furthermore, if the price of cCBD falls below $16 for the Algo Stable Fund, buybacks or other similar steps would be enforced. With the Real Stable Fund and Algo Stable Fund, you can limit price fluctuations, increase opportunities to trade for CBD during the contraction time, and facilitate fast price recovery, such as bond token buybacks.


The CBD Cash Protocol’s roadmap for 2021 focuses on expanding the ecosystem, which includes more use cases for cCBD and sCBD tokens.

Q2 2021

  • Launch of the CBD CASH protocol in Q2 Collaborations with a number of CBD factories and farms
  • CBD Market is now open to the public, thanks to a real peg (May 2021)
  • CBD Market is now open to the public, thanks to a real peg (May 2021) 

Q3 2021

  • More collaborations in Q3 (CBD factories, Farm, other protocols)
  • NFT Market & Gacha OPEN 

Q4 2021

  • Cross-chain natively (via Polkadot)


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