CateCoin Readies Big March, Mobile App to Come First

The cat-themed memecoin is staging several updates to help usher the project along and breathe in more life.

CateCoin March Madness Coming

CateCoin nanocap token has begun the month of March with several teases for upcoming releases in updates, the biggest of which looks to be the CateCoin mobile app set to launch in mid-March. The images shared of the mobile app appear to have a similar feel to the TrustWallet mobile app, but also show the options to send and swap tokens on top of the staking.

Beginning with a tweet on February 28 announcing the arrival of several planned products over the course of the month. The protocol has released several teaser tweets including an image showing mobile staking and a confirmation that the app will ‘surely launch’ by March 16.

The CateCoin Club is in need of stimulation since the slow ascendence of the ‘Rise of Cats’ GameFi. At this time, there is no marketplace for CateCoin NFTs and many users who have bought NFTs for ‘Rise of Cats’ cannot move them at all. As long as NFTs on the platform cannot be traded, merely, posted, it will have a hard time generating attention. 

When it comes to attention, there are many copycat (literally!) projects popping around the crypto industry. As CateCoin seeks to dethrone mainstream names like Doge and Shiba Inu, it will be a harder task having to overcome other cat-themed projects stealing the spotlight.

The CateCoin app will support seven different languages and will need more sophistication than the current NFT page and ‘Rise of Cats’ GameFi if there is any hope for it to gain traction.

What is Catecoin?

Catecoin is a utility-oriented meme creation and content farming platform made to help meme creators earn from their creativity. The creative meme community can share their content and earn from the community response. CATE is the native token of Catecoin, and CATE’s limited supply and burn mechanism aims to increase the token’s value offering rewards to long-term hodlers. The creative community will also be able to sell their memes via NFT minting. 

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