Catecoin Partners with Oxbull for 1,400 Blind Boxes

Catecoin and 0xbull have announced a second run of NFTs with 1,400 blind boxes on offer.

Catecoin NFTs

Catecoin has announced the launch of 1,400 NFT blind boxes in partnership with 0xbull. The news comes after the cat-themed memecoin quickly sold out its first batch of NFTs. In the initial announcement, the company remained tight-lipped on the exact launch date.

When Catecoin announced the latest event they were quick to emphasize the popularity of the previous sale.

“Catecoin is partnering with @Oxbull5 to offer a second opportunity to purchase $CATE NFTs,” said Catecoin in the promotion tweet on November 11th. “Be ready, the first NTF sale SOLD OUT in minutes!!!”

Catecoin has now revealed that the NFT launch will occur on November 13th. Full details are still to be released. That means that anyone interested in bagging a Catecoin NFT mystery box will have to follow the Catecoin and Oxbull Twitter accounts.

Oxbull will host the Catecoin NFT (source)

What is Catecoin

Catecoin is a utility-oriented meme creation and content farming platform made to help meme creators earn from their creativity. The creative meme community can share their content and earn from the community response. CATE is the native token of Catecoin, and CATE’s limited supply and burn mechanism aims to increase the token’s value offering rewards to long-term hodlers. The creative community will also be able to sell their memes via NFT minting. 

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