Catecoin Getting Ready to Release Mobile App

The new application would make staking on the protocol easier and faster.

CateCoin Teases Mobile Staking Application 

Memecoin project, CateCoin, which boasts of offering users Non-Fungible Token (NFT), PlayToEarn GameFi, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) options, is prepared to launch a new staking application for users. 

CateCoin was launched to add real value to the meme world by enabling meme creators to create NFTs and earn. The protocol evolved to provide more community features after introducing Staking and Reflection plus gaming. CateCoin holders can earn up to 15% Annual Percent Yield (APY) by staking their $CATE tokens. The protocol would make staking easier after announcing its plans to launch a mobile Staking application through Twitter. 

“We are planning to launch Staking app for mobile and ios version where user can see stake #catecoin without any downtime,” Catecoin tweeted about the Staking application on February 14th. 

Following the announcement tweet, CateCoin showed users a glance at the mobile application–the protocol shared an image of the application’s interface on February 14th via Twitter. 

“Let us share a sneak peek of #catecoin mobile app! Hope you like what you see! Stay tuned for more updates on the release,” the tweet reads. 

A glance at the application interface | Source

CateCoin sets a standard for all meme projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), now referred to as BNB Chain. Thus, unlike traditional meme coins in the industry, the protocol has numerous use-cases, which would drive its development in the long run. For example, staking is one of the unique utilities on the memecoin protocol, and the upcoming mobile application is another big push for its development in the DeFi space.  CateCoin would roll out more updates of the mobile Staking application on its official Twitter account

What is CateCoin? 

Catecoin is a utility-oriented meme creation and content farming platform made to help meme creators earn from their creativity. The creative meme community can share their content and earn from the community response. CATE is the native token of Catecoin, and CATE’s limited supply and burn mechanism aims to increase the token’s value offering rewards to long-term hodlers. The creative community will also be able to sell their memes via NFT minting. 

Where to find CateCoin: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram |

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