Catecoin Announces First NFT Mint on BSC After Token Burn

Could this cat coin sneak up on DeFi and pounce on the dog coins?

Can Catecoin Rival Huge Success of Dog Coins?

Catecoin has officially arrived on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to take on the perennial plethora of dog coins. The cat-themed microcap token announced an NFT sale that will drop by November 8th.

Catecoin confirmed to the cate community through a Nov. 5th Twitter post that 2,800 blind boxes will be minted and each will have five cat NFTs. Beyond the excitement of the coming NFTs, Catecoin has hit some impressive feats recently. The token landed across the top rankings in social media activity across Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and BSC, and notably number one on CoinGecko’s charts.

“This token is going off. If you take a look at social activity on Binance Smart Chain, [Catecoin] is beating Yooshi, FEG Gorilla, Hamstercoin, and more. They’re second to CAKE, which is upper echelon,” said Youtuber Radies Rajakulam on November 5th in a video retweeted by Catecoin.


With a community on the prowl ready to pounce on the dog coins, Catecoin brings utility for meme and NFT creators plus immediate staking opportunities. Unlike some of its canine competitors, Catecoin can grow to be a flourishing ecosystem. 

Catecoin’s Token Leap

Beware of jumping into this microcap. Despite the impressive gains lately, Catecoin has a circulating supply of $34 Quadrillion, with a max supply of $100 Quadrillion to go along with a market capitalization of $200 Million. 

The native CATE token posted impressive 8,000% gains at the end of October and looks poised to blast through its all-time high.


The token executed a burn of 1 trillion tokens on November 6th, according to Twitter. Because of the massive supply, the burn barely put a dent in the supply. Catecoin currently trades at $0.000005772, at the time of writing. It is now down 40% from its all-time high of $0.000009749 on Nov. 2.

The token also teased a big surprise on Twitter. CryptoTwitter usually loves surprises, so good marketing move by the Catecoin team. With already a game and NFTs under their belt, what could be on the horizon? 

What is Catecoin

Catecoin is a utility-oriented meme creation and content farming platform made to help meme creators earn from their creativity. The creative meme community can share their content and earn from the community response. CATE is the native token of Catecoin, and CATE’s limited supply and burn mechanism aims to increase the token’s value offering rewards to long-term hodlers. The creative community will also be able to sell their memes via NFT minting. 

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Ledger Wallet Frustrates Users With Kinks in the Nano X Firmware 2.0.0 Update

Ledger updates for Nano X falls short as users clamor on YouTube for solutions.

Firmware Update Duds

The most recent Ledger Nano X firmware update has caused several problems with users. The latest update for the Nano X eases the onboarding process, improves security, and fosters a simplified crypto interaction. The 2.0.0 update came almost two weeks ago, on October 21, and users continue to need troubleshooting support while others are completely locked away from their funds. 

The Ledger Wallets are some of the most secure wallets in the crypto world. Still, the increased security requires users to constantly pay attention to updates to ensure their hardware behaves correctly. The main issue with the update has been a faulty connection to MetaMask, rendering many users helpless to access their funds. Two lengthy Reddit posts from the Ledger team helped clear the air.

“Some of our users faced issues when connecting their MetaMask hot wallets to their Ledger Nano hardware wallets. We have been working with MetaMask on a solution, which will be implemented with MetaMask v10.4.0. This new version allows users to connect Ledger to MetaMask in Chrome via WebHID – more info on that here. We will keep you posted very shortly about this,” wrote u/olivia_ledger, Ledger Community Manager, on the Ledger subreddit on November 2nd.


Users saw further issues with poor battery life as well as problems connecting to the Ledger Live software. The Ledger team is working hard and hand in hand with MetaMask, to fix these issues. It is important to remember that Ledger Wallets can be very finicky. Sometimes a wallet does not connect because of the order in which the wallet connected through the browser and software. A misordering of connection can lead to a lack of connection. 

The Ledger team is also working to build out their community support team in response to this issue. The subreddit was flooded with complaints and questions for troubleshooting. 

When asked about adding someone to the Ledger team to handle all the support requests, the team replied:

”Hey there, we hear you and are working on it. We just have someone who came on board for this and is looking forward to helping out across the subreddit. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned,” wrote u/saman_ledger, the Social Media Manager.

For the most up-to-date information regarding the updates, pay attention to Ledger on all their socials.

Where to find Ledger:

Website | Twitter | Reddit | GitHub
Kyle HeiseNovember 7, 2021

First 3D Martial Arts GameFi With Metaverse and NFTs Readies for Launch

The Cogiverse will officially launch Nov. 12 on BSCStation and KAIStarter.

First Martial Art GameFi for Binance Smart Chain

The first martial arts fighting play-to-earn game will land on Binance Smart Chain this week. The new game, 9D, is set for an initial dex offering (IDO) on BSCStation and KAIStarter on November 12th. The 9D team had the announcement sent out through numerous social media channels including Twitter on November 4th. 

The IDO will see the first launch of the native $COGI token. Nearly all the 9D team comes with over a decade of experience in gaming and game creation. One thing to look forward to for $COGI IDO participants is that 9D will just be the first game for $COGI — the team has plans for a full metaverse.

“9D NFT is just the first product. Then there will be more projects in the future in our Metaverse that use the same COGI tokens. We also create a virtual world – COGIverse. 9D NFT is a piece of this universe,” wrote Ryan Tran, Director of GOSU Corporation, in a Telegram AMA with NftyPlayon November 6th. “In the future, we will expand many more pieces from Asia to Europe so that the COGIverse’s gamers will be able to interact with each other (not only within a game).”


9D has received the support of numerous institutional backers, including X21, Lotus Capital, Exnetwork, BSCStation, Kardiachain, Basics Capital, ZBS Capital, Onbit VC, and more. The game has proven to be so popular before its launch that the image and likeness are being used for fraudulent purposes, according to a Twitter post.

The IDO will go live on November 12th, at 12:00 UTC on BSCStation and KAIStarter. The date has been moved back from an earlier start due to the outstanding popularity of the project.

COGI Tokenomics:

The $COGI token will serve as the native token to the Cogiverse and its first game 9D. The token comes with a fixed supply of 680 Million tokens. The below graphic shows the entire distribution and importantly, only 6.8 Million tokens, or 10% of the supply will be used for the public sale. 

The tokens will be available for staking, trading, and governance in the Cogiverse. The largest portion of tokens will be saved for allocation to in-game rewards. 


It is still possible to get in on the whitelist registration and guaranteed staking offered for those who get in early. For more details on how to sign up, check the game’s Telegram for more details. Only a select number of tokens and rewards will be available. 

The ultimate goal of the 9D team is build a game that is sustainable and lucrative for players in South East Asia. Much of the marketing and pre-launch campaigning has been done in Thai and other languages of South East Asian descent.

What is the Cogiverse:

The Cogiverse is built on COGI (Crypto Online Gaming Infrastructure), an Online MMO Game platform that uses Blockchain technology to bring users their real-life value through game by “digitizing assets.” Our goal is to create a community of gamers on the Blockchain platform, bringing to players not only “Play 4 Fun” but “Play 2 Earn” experience with millions of people around the world through COGI’s game ecosystem. The first product of COGI ecosystem is a MMO Martial Art game – 9DNFT. 9DNFT is backed by a strong and talented Vietnamese team with the hope of turning normal games into the future of digital assets. 

Where to find more about 9D and the CogiVerse

Website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Youtube | 

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