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The Kalmar airdrop is scheduled to occur in three stages, offering 100,000 KALM tokens.

A Creative and Incentivised Future announced the next steps for their project in a blog post on May 31. Following a creative IFO (Initial Farm Offering) on PancakeSwap, Kalmar has detailed some exciting rewards on the horizon as well as the next steps for their new Kalmy NFTS. The Kalmar team in charge of the KALM token offers a unique NFT ecosystem for users and has many in DeFi excited.

Meet Kalmy, Kalmar Squid

In one of their first moves, $KALM teamed with the popular 3rd party NFT marketplace, TreasureIsland, to implement their new Kalmy NFTs. The team also introduced their new friend and mascot, Kalmy, the Kalmar squid. He very well could be the friendliest squid on the blockchain and might become the next best thing for NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The new NFTs can be traded and viewed on the TreasureIsland as of June 1. All the NFTs show Kalmy the Squid doing a playful action like reading a chart or painting a picture. Most NFTs can be found at prices below 1BNB, however the highest are up to 100BNB. 


There was much excitement surrounding the initial NFT Fundraiser which included gifts like an Iphone 12 and $5000 cash. It sold out in about 10 minutes. They released another blog post about the Kalmy NFTs.  Four out of the five NFTs bought along with 10 KALM, come with real life rewards that can be redeemed after burning the NFT. 

Stay calm: those looking to reclaim a physical NFT reward must complete an online form to be invited for an address ownership test. 

Leveraged Farming and the Future of KALM 

The team spelled out more features  to be included after launch including KALM-BNB leveraged farms. Due to lower liquidity than other farms, the team will only sanction what they believe is “a responsible amount of leverage.” Despite beginning with low liquidity, they do expect liquidity to rapidly flow into the farms. The team is also testing KALM rewards for their leveraged yield farming platform and hope to provide these soon. 

The KALM token is an essential component to scale the adoption of Kalmar’s project. Continuing a line of NFT incentivized moves, the Kalmar team is also considering gamification mechanics for linkage to different products in the future. Ideas like profit-sharing mechanisms and early access to future NFT sales are also being floated around to incentivize users. 

AirDrops and BUSD Audit

Over the next week or so, the KALM team plans to begin AirDropping 3 stages of 100,000 KALM tokens each. Distribution dates have yet to be released. 

Finally, the CyberSecurity Service group Hacken, will complete an audit of the upcoming pair on the BUSD Lending and stablecoin protocol. The Kalmar team wishes to be as safe as possible in light of the latest attacks across the BSC ecosystem. Users will be happy to see Kalmar treating security seriously.

Final Thoughts

The Kalmar team has more to come in their roadmap for the upcoming months. Users can expect more fun from Kalmy the Squid and the whole Kalmer Team for the second half of 2021. With many updates just around the corner, be sure to follow the latest updates from on their Telegram group or Twitter. Kalmar is a decentralized bank powered by DeFi and the fun of NFTs.

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