Cat Frens NFT Mint Coming to BNB Chain

The new NFT protocol prepares to launch its unique collection on BNB Chain at an affordable price.

Fair NFT Minting Event 

Community-driven cat-themed Non-fungible Token (NFT) project, Cat Frens, will launch a unique collection on BNB Chain. The protocol, which draws inspiration from Cool Cats, invited users to join the minting event on February 25th. 

Although the project is not affiliated with the Cool Cats NFTs on the Ethereum network, it is a collection of 6,666 unique Cats, called Pet Frens NFTs. According to the protocol’s Twitter handle, users would be able to mint NFTs for as little as 0.05 BNB. However, only 3,333 NFTs would claim the NFTs. 

“50% of the revenue from the 6666 Pet Frens NFTs (Launching in March) will be shared directly with the 3333 Cat Frens holders equally after the minting. We want our holders to become lifelong Frens,” the protocol’s website explains the collection.


The Cat Frens NFT would go live on February 25th. As of now, the NFT protocol has not published the details of the minting time, but you can explore its Twitter account for more information. Moving forward, Cat Frens NFT would be listed on NFT marketplaces, starting with after minting, according to its Roadmap. 

What is Cat Frens? 

Cat Frens is a community-driven collection of 3333 unique Cool Cats inspired NFTs built on the BNB Chain. The protocol aims at providing limited supply, fair pricing, and a strong community. 

Where to find Cat Frens:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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