Casey Neisat, Famous YouTuber, Tweets About ETH Amidst 20% Rally

YouTube famous Caisey Neisat, known for his amazing, creative, and inspiring videos, made a single Tweet, “Eth!”, as a rally of over 20% ensued.

One Word: “ETH”

Casey Neisat is both pro-bitcoin and pro-cryptocurrency. He has always tweeted and shown support to the blockchain industry. The one-word Tweet on May 1st was well-timed with the recent rally of the ETH market, which has gone ahead to double its previous All-Time High (ATH).

ETH-USDT on Daily Chart

Since the Tweet time, ETH has done over 20% and has added another $743, hitting a new ATH! At the current price, the consensus is that the second largest blockchain in the world is still very much undervalued, with many calling for $5000 and even $50k to match Bitcoin in 2-3 years.

About Casey Neisat

Neisat is an American Youtube personality, owner of the CaseyNeisat YouTube channel with over 12.3 million followers. He features fascinating, inspirational, and creative videos. The influencer is a co-founder of the multimedia company Beme later acquired by CNN  and also a filmmaker, vlogger. He founded 368, a creative space for creators to collaborate in 2018.

Casey Neisat – Image Source

The market has been in a bullish uptrend for nearly half a year, starting from late last year. It is strongly advised that you apply proper risk management with your trade and investments and ensure you use only spare funds.

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