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The charitable organization is about to launch their S3xy September event with a slew of high-value prizes.

Introducing Carma Coin

Carma Coin is a charity-based crypto startup that is renowned for its supercar giveaways. A portion of every transaction tax is added to their Be Magical fund, which is used for the vehicle giveaways as well as charitable donations.

Carma Coin is powered by the $CARMA token, which is used to reward users in their giveaways.

Carma Coin has previously given away Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and even an Aston Martin to lucky participants in their giveaways. The Carma Coin mission is to share the positivity and potential that cryptocurrency has, particularly in a charitable format. They have already given away over $200,000 to charity in just a handful of months.

“We are all about putting the community first. What actually matters at the end of the day is how you treat those around you, and what you’ve done for your community. We want to give back in a big way right from the start,” Carma Coin co-founder David Butcher said. 

Carma Coin Has Big Plans 

The project is about to launch its “S3xy September” event where they will be giving away Tesla vehicles based on the amount of volume the platform has during the event, as well as $CARMA payouts based on retweets by the man behind Tesla, Elon Musk.

In addition to the S3xy September event, Carma Coin is finalizing a fiat ‘onramp’ solution, as well as their own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which should be operational by mid-September. Holders of the $CARMA token will have exclusive access to an airdrop of the new token from the DEX.

What is S3xy September?

S3xy September is an upcoming event that will launch on September 1st. There will be up to three Teslas that are given away. The final number is dependent on the volume of transactions and user sign-ups on Carma Coin’s platform.

Tesla Distribution

–   Tesla Model S: Will be given away regardless of volume or holders

–   Tesla Model 3: $2M in volume

–   Tesla Model X: $5M in volume

–   Tesla Model Y: Reach 25,000 holders total   

If Musk retweets or tweets a message about the giveaway, all four Teslas will be given away regardless of the final holder count and volume numbers. $CARMA holders will also have a chance to win more $CARMA if Musk retweets “BOUNTY”. The $CARMA giveaway stipulations are below:

Elon Musk Retweet Payout

–   $100 in CARMA= $10,000 Cash Bounty 

–   $1,000 in CARMA= $50,000 Cash Bounty

–   $5,000 in CARMA= $100,000 Cash Bounty 

 $CARMA Tax for Charity Details

In total, there is a 10% transaction tax on transactions on the Carma Coin blockchain, which is distributed as follows:

–   3% to the Be Magical fund which funds the giveaways

–   5% holding reward to all $CARMA holders

–   2% to the liquidity pool which makes buying and selling easier

Concluding Thoughts

The Carma Coin project is all about having a positive impact on the crypto community. By showcasing the powerful charity use-cases that blockchain technology can offer, Carma Coin is contributing to real change in the world.

For readers who want to meet the team behind Carma Coin, they will be attending the Miami Crypto Expo in November this year. Much like the Carma Coin giveaways, attendees will have the chance to win a McLaren supercar – quite the hefty incentive for attendance.

With their upcoming plans to launch a fiat onramp and a DEX for users, Carma Coin is proving that they want to not only do good in the world – they want to create a beneficial environment for their users beyond supercar giveaways. 

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