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BSCDaily – Admin: Hello and welcome everyone to the AMA with Caliente.

@KaiMirza: Great, first we would like to begin by thanking BSC Daily for having us and secondly to all of you for joining us today! 

Q1: What is Caliente Network all about? Give us a little summary.

@KaiMirza: The Caliente Network LLC is a brand new marketplace that supports all kinds of creators, studios and brands by assisting and encouraging them to create unique content and make partnerships, all free of censorship. Caliente will also create immersive virtual worlds where users can express themselves and showcase their content in unique environments in turn creating new revenue streams for them under our Creator Economy within our Network. Caliente Networks aim is to become a content creator/development powerhouse and what we create will be powered by our platforms, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency Le Caliente.

Q2: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

@KaiMirza: Our company is the Caliente Network LLC incorporated in Delaware, USA. Our company is involved in IT solutions for social networking.

In regards to the team, it is global.

We work together on projects the company owns and other developments. We have Devs based across America, Asia, and Europe. Our core team is based in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Our marketing firm is based in Los Angeles. Today with us is Dan our CTO and Kai our CMO. Us three met while vacationing, where we instantly started talking about ideas we had. From there we created the Caliente Network LLC and here we are today very delighted to share our special project to the BSCDaily community and the world.

Q3: Why did you and your team decide to build Caliente Network?

@KaiMirza: We wanted to create a one-stop shop for creators. A place where users of all types can come and create great things together. We understand that content creation comes in many forms and taps into an array of industries, and within those industries come a handful of problems. Thus we have done countless hours of research to pinpoint these problems and create real-life working solutions to them. Here are some of the industries we will tap into:

– Content Creation & Branding

– Entertainment Industry

– VR/AR Industry

– NFT Market

– Adult Industry

– Freelance Industry

– E-Commerce Industry

Q4: Let’s dive into your $token. Can you share with us your tokenomics? And what are some of $token use cases?

@KaiMirza: Ok, our Token Distribution is as follow:

a) 80% of the funds obtained during pre-sale will be used to create BNB/Caliente Liquidity which will be locked for 2 years (renewable) and the remaining will be used for initial aggressive marketing.

b) Development and Exchange Listing/Airdrops wallet addresses will be announced to the community, so all transactions can be tracked. Caliente also plans to go through yearly audits on expenditures.

c) Out of 4% initially allocated coins for development and operations, 2% will be locked for 1 year with quarterly seeding and the lock further to be extended yearly based. This wallet will be used for operation, development costs and exchange listings.

d) Out of 6% initially allocated providing liquidity for exchange listings and future burns, 2% will be locked for 1 year with quarterly seeding and the lock further to be extended yearly based. This wallet will be used for providing liquidity for exchange listings, airdrops, and manual burns.

The CALIENTE NETWORK team knows what is important in making a token successful. A token must be eligible to serve as funds for marketing and future developments. A successful token must have the potential of rewarding those who hold it, and there is always a need to be liquidity. The tax is the perfect balance to achieve these goals. Each transaction will have a modest tax of 10% which will be distributed as follows:

3% Marketing Wallet for Aggressive Marketing Activities

2% Automatically added to LIQUIDITY POOL for price stability

5% Automatically yielding for Hourly CAKE Awards

We have many use cases and a whole working economy before launch.

You can purchase items, services from our marketplaces, products, NFTS, and in the future within our Caliente.World. Caliente Networks new economy will allow you to buy/sell land, buildings, avatars and even names as NFTs. Caliente World and marketplaces within Caliente Network will allow people to be able to wander around with friends in a virtual space, collect exclusive NFT’s, visit virtual buildings and attend virtual events.

Produce/sell your content, gigs, products and purchase Non-NSFW or NSFW items. Calientes Market where Fiverr meets Only Fans.

Q5: Does the $token get audited?

@KaiMirza: Yes, an audit has already been conducted by major cyber security firm CTDsec.

Please check it out here on our website:

Q6: Where can we buy $token?

@KaiMirza: You can currently buy Le Caliente tokens on pre-sale through our dxsale link.

 Click here to join

There are very few BNB left so be sure to reserve your Le Caliente tokens today. Also those that buy pre-sale will be buying at a 20% discounted price!

Q7: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

@KaiMirza: First step will be to have a very successful launch and we hope to see everyone here join us.

After that, you can expect our team to deliver new platforms each month, continue refining our current platforms and bring out so many exclusive pieces of art, collectibles, NFTs and so on. Our team plans within 6 months of our ICO to list LE CALIENTE to the top 20 exchanges of the world that support our tokenomics and unique rewards. Furthermore, the Caliente Network will continue to push marketing with many unique and fun ways to establish the Caliente Network and Le Caliente token as household names!

In addition, every quarter 70% of revenues from all Caliente Network LLC platforms will be used to buy back Le Caliente token’s at market value, thus creating additional value to holders in addition to our reward-yielding tokenomics.

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