CakeTools: A DeFi Tooling and Charting Hub

Having a clear direction of the market makes a better trading experience than taking up trades blindly. The importance of a chart tool that shows important updates and helps an investor analyze the market can not be overemphasized. These are a string of services CakeTools is set to offer to the DeFi community.

What is CakeTools?

CakeTool is a DeFi charting hub for Binance Smart Chain trading. The tool will enable smart transactions for all BSC DeFi projects on decentralized exchanges.

 Help fetch real-time charts to analyze market movement, provide the community with data aggregated from all decentralized exchanges on the BSC network, track the growth of BSC projects and develop profitable investment strategies.

Key Features

Automatic Market Maker (AMM) aggregator 

Real-Time Charts

Token Browser

Wallet Tracker

Whale Browser

Project Components

Automatic Market Maker Aggregator: The project platform will feature a swap function that will aggregate tokens from PancakeSwap and BakerySwap. Users will not have to leave the CakeTool site to swap their tokens in real-time.

Real-Time Chart: With the CakeTool chart system, users will be right on point with their trading decisions, i.e., when to enter and exit the market. The tool will provide real-time data to help traders make informed trading decisions.

Token Browser: Take off the hassles of searching your favorite tokens for analysis but instead bookmark and visit anytime. With the token browser, users can view any live token chart, bookmark their best trading pairs, and much more.

Wallet Tracker: Get tons of on-chain data, view wallet history, and save/track wallets that interest you, including your wallets.

Whale Browser: Keep a tab on large transactions, view large transfers, liquidity moves and follow big swaps, all on the whale browser feature on the CakeTool platform.

The project hasn’t kicked off yet (scheduled to go live in early May) and is still open for private sales entry from interested community members. The membership plan will be tiered into three;

Basic (Free): Including price chart, bookmark for best pairs, stable coin pairs, whaleswap explorer, multiple swap interface, and a pair and pool explorer.

Ultimate: Monthly fee of $65/$100 0r hold at least 15 000 CKT and get access to the following features; Trade positions, data (trade) analysis, price alerts, whale information, CKT bot, live chart, and many more.

Boss: Mandatory hold of 75,000 CKT and access to; all Basic and Ultimate features and many more with no ads.


Token Name: CakeTools

Token Symbol: CKT

Token Supply: 150 000, 000 CKT

Circulating Supply: NIL

Smart Contract Address: NIL

Holding the tokens will give users exclusive access to premium features and tools on the platform. 


The roadmap has been carefully set and committed, focusing on the platform development and trading tools.

Q1 Research

Research and Development


UI/UX Design

Q2 Development

Backend Development

Wallet and Web

DB Architecture

Pool Browser

Trending Now  Display

Q3 Enhancement

Price Alerts

Token Pair Watchlist

Subscription Tiers

Q4 Upgrading

Improved Functionality

Launchpad and Marketing Tool

Alternative Chain Support

More Integration from Community Feedback

Backend development, the pool browser, and the launchpad feature will bring a lot of interest into the project once these features go live. A price alert system that takes off users’ need to continuously search their wallets for price updates is expected to come to live in Q3 2021.

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