CafeSwap Unveils Its First IFO, MOCHA – A highly deflationary token with multiple use cases

CafeSwap recently announced the release of its deflationary token called MOCHA. The new token is coming on CafeSwap’s launchpad through its IFO scheduled for the 6th of May 2021.

MOCHA Unveiling

The launch of the deflationary token is believed to be the beginning of a series of events aimed at bolstering CafeSwap’s hold in the De-Fi space. This diversifies the platform’s interest into the widely sought NFT market.

Through MOCHA, CafeSwap looks to up the ante on the BSC network. Besides its deflationary token model, $MOCHA gives holders the chance to participate in IFOs held on the AMM. There’s also the opportunity to stake in exclusive pools and earn more of the deflationary token from the CafeSwap smart vaults. 

IFO Details

Through the CafeSwap IFO, 35,000 $MOCHA will be offered for sale. In the aftermath of the $MOCHA IDO, $400,000 worth of $BREW, the AMM’s native token, will be burned. 

IDO amount: 35,000 $MOCHA

Price: $30

Launch: 6th May 11:30 AM UTC

Total Funds to Raise: $1,050,000

Planned liquidity: $500,000

How to Use $MOCHA

The $MOCHA token is poised to serve as the window towards lucrative opportunities available on CafeSwap.  The $MOCHA IFO is expected to be the first of many IFOs for the AMM, and $MOCHA tokens will be the passkey. Also, the deflationary token will be required to gain access to exclusive staking pools on CafeSwap. MOCHA holders will also get a chance to farm $BREW.

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