CafeSwap Announces Pacoca as Next Initial Cafe Offering

The community-driven yield-farming and staking ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain has released details of its next Initial Cafe Offering (ICO).


Multi-feature Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol CafeSwap Finance, in furtherance of its vision to deliver the best value for its users, has given details of its upcoming second Initial Cafe Offering (ICO). CafeSwap aims to boost innovative products that will assist users in their journey towards financial freedom in a decentralized manner. In the first ICO on its platform, CafeSwap launched a proprietary token, the MOCHA. Mocha has a deflationary mechanism in line with CafeSwap’s mission to preserve the Cafe ecosystem by mitigating inflation.

Emerging from the successful first ICO, CafeSwap has announced that it will be onboarding a promising DeFi project, the Pacoca Platform, through its next ICO.

Overview Of The Pacoca Project

Pacoca is a platform designed to enable users to manage their DeFi portfolio more efficiently than what is obtainable with other similar platforms. With Pacoca, users can easily keep track of their portfolio in other DeFi platforms, all from a simple, time-saving interface. In addition, users can access DeFi investment opportunities from the Pacoca platform and easily invest. The whole idea is to encourage more users to participate in DeFi by making the process easier and faster.


Details Of The ICO

Pacoca’s native token, the $PACOCA will be on sale on CafeSwap. The sales will commence on May 30, and CafeSwap will announce the exact time before that date. A total of 10 million $PACOCA have been earmarked for sale at an ICO price of $0.15.

Tokenomics Of $PACOCA

After the ICO, the $PACOCA token will have the following uses on its parent-platform:

1. Holders of PACOCA will have the rights to vote on its platform’s governance

2. Users can stake PACOCA and earn NFT rewards.

3. Platform fees will be redistributed to those who either have PACOCA in their wallet or are actively staking it.


PACOCA will have a total supply of 100 million. It will be allocated according to the following percentages:

Farming: 60%

Development: 15% (vested)

ICO: 10%

Airdrops: 8%

Marketing/Partnerships: 5%

Initial Liquidity: 2%

How To Take Part In The ICO

To qualify for the ICO and buy $PACOCA, users can simply supply liquidity pool (LP) tokens on CafeSwap using CafeDEX during the ICO period. Two pools that will be used for the ICO are the BREW-BNB and MOCHA-BNB pools. Out of the 10 million PACOCA set aside for the ICO, 80% will be allotted to the BREW-BNB pool, while 20% will go to the MOCHA-BNB pool.

At the end of the ICO, participants will receive purchased PACOCA and recover the balance of their LP tokens.

More details about the ICO can be found in this announcement made by CafeSwap!

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