Buy Flight Tickets with Bitcoin – LYOTRAVEL

There is a brand-new travel booking website that allows you to use cryptocurrencies as payment, called — LYOTRAVEL.

Crypto’s Foray Into Travel

We have finally started using cryptocurrencies for things other than just trading. 

Launched by LYOPAY, a cryptocurrency payments application, LYOTRAVEL boasts some of the most competitive prices online, while giving the option to pay in different cryptocurrencies.

LYOTRAVEL comes as part of LYOPAY’s mission to create an ecosystem of applications where you can use cryptocurrencies in every aspect of your life. LYOPAY is a dApp that allows you to make payments and several other services with cryptocurrencies. For the success of this mission, their latest foray is into travel. 

It is quite a unique idea since there are not many players in the travel industry that accept cryptocurrency. Travel booking websites such as Expedia are still experimenting with this technology, but as we can see it is definitely catching on.

LYOTRAVEL, on the other hand, offers travel with cryptocurrency from the get-go. That is their main selling point — travel with cryptocurrency. Though they have many other options of payment including fiat currency, crypto is their main form of payment.

How to Book Your Tickets

If you go over to, you’ll see options of booking flights, hotels and cars. Their customer experience has been pretty smooth so far. You can easily book your tickets with just a few clicks. 

First, you have to make your account on the platform, then put in your search details to get a list of the cheapest flights, hotels or car service. Once you choose your preferred ticket, you’ll be sent to the payment section where you can choose your method of payment.

Currently, you can check the prices of your bookings in five different currencies: USD, EUR, CAD, INR and GBP

Pay Using Your Favorite Cryptocurrencies

When you go to complete your checkout, you will be given the option of using your cryptocurrency. At the moment, you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Tether, but LYOTRAVEL says that the list of cryptocurrencies accepted will be expanded and you’ll be able to use your favorite tokens for payment. 

They also accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and payments through the Discover Network, as well as bank transfers

If you’re traveling in a group and would like to divide the payment in cryptocurrencies, LYOTRAVEL lets you pay using multiple wallets. Different people can use their wallets and pay their own parts. Then the page reloads showing the remaining amount left. Once the entire amount is paid, you will receive a confirmation of your booking. It’s a very nifty way of dividing payments. Better than having to pay using a credit card in just one payment.

Utility is King

For many of us cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are looking for new ways to use the different kinds of cryptocurrencies we have these days, this is a breath of fresh air. We’ve been looking to use this kind of service apart from just trading. 

Any currency’s real value depends on its utility. We’ve come a long way from being able to buy just two pizzas using tens of thousands of Bitcoins back in 2010. Now we can see how cryptocurrencies can be used for not just buying pizza, but literally whatever we can imagine… even travel.

Our experience has been great with LYOTRAVEL so far and we can’t wait for more people to start using cryptocurrencies for something like travel soon. Head over to their website and start traveling the world with crypto! 

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