Business Age Of Empires (BAoE) – The Initial NFT Game Initiative

Business Age of Empires (BAoE): An upcoming game with the combination of noteworthy game-based and stunning visuals which exhibit the imaginative, engaging, and refined NFTs gaming sector.

Notwithstanding, with regards to the Business Age of Empires, or somewhere in the vicinity called BAoE, gamers will be astonished by the manners in which the game was worked as well as the colossal advantages that it brings to the players. We can ensure that BAoE isn’t only a common game, instead of a stage from which you can both engage yourself and procure benefits.

Business Age of Empires (BAoE) – An Earning Business Game which is built on BSC. There are several reasons why this game was so popular in the NFT gaming sector. Keep an eye on BAoE’s latest news in case you…we all gonna know what happened if you didn’t click on the link. Their IDO will start on January 14, 2022, and Listing will start in January 2022 as well.

Let’s see why it is trusted by conventional investors.


Business Age Of Empires (BAoE)

Business Age of Empires is a “PLAY TO EARN” game that is based on the BSC stage. In Business Age of Empires, players will take on the role of cyborgs, embark on an adventure to discover the fortunes, and learn more about humanity’s once-prestigious civic foundations.

Business Age of Empires focuses on highlighting essential yet engaging ongoing interaction that is appropriate for all ages, and the game also asks players to think creatively in order to locate a variety of extremely valuable gems.

Competitive Advantages

Business Age Of Empires (BAoE)

These are the significant advantages that contribute to the game’s intriguing allure. 

  • The game has a long-term vision and a clear roadmap

Through the use of blockchain technology to encrypt in-game objects, the NFT game projects are truly revolutionizing the gaming industry today. That’s why BAoE aims to develop a new generation of game concepts that combine blockchain technology and a non-transferable token-based gaming world. In the long term, the project intends to create a sustainable community in which players can fully develop their mindsets and skills.

  • BAoE will divide 20% of profits (BUSD) from the game to investors

BAoE was created and developed for the purpose of making the blockchain platform which is accessible to everyone. The mission of BAoE is to create an integrated digital platform of tokenized resources that appeals to players by allowing them to join and gain benefits from Blockchain technology.

  • Advisors and BOD have experience in finance and blockchain 

Gathering a team that has 20 years of experience in real estate and finance. With confidence in markets, deep connections to the academic community, and a focus on implementation, BAoE goes where the science leads, and continues to pursue new insights, both large and small, that can benefit the investors and players.

Being engulfed in the rapid development of Blockchain innovation, such as the NFT coding pattern, which is rapidly entering the traditional gaming industry with a significant number of Crypto devotees.


Token details:

Ticker: $BAoE

Network: BSC

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BAoE

Use Cases:

The primary utilities of the token are:

Staking: Investors can choose a project or stake package to invest in.

NFT game: Players are available to play any games of Business Age of Empires

Token Allocation:

Business Age Of Empires (BAoE)

The total supply of BAoE is 1 billion, with 35% distributed via the Play to Earn system. For the initial investments, the project allocates a considerable number of tokens to private sale rounds – 2.5% allocation of the total amount offered and an 8.5% allocation for private sales.

The details:

Advisor – 5,0% -6 months cliff, vest monthly in 36 months

Seed – 2,5% -TGE 8%, 1 month cliff, vest monthly in 24 months

Private – 8,50%- TGE 8%, 1 months cliff, vest monthly in 12 months

IDO– 2% – TGE 25%, 1 months cliff, vest monthly in 4 months

Team – 14,0% -12 months cliff, vest monthly 24 months

Ecosystem Fund – 4,0% – 3 months cliff, vest monthly in 36 months

Marketing – 10,0% – 1 months cliff, vest monthly in 36 months

Play to Earn – 35,0% – Start vesting upon the game launch, 2.78% monthly, vest monthly in 36 months

Staking – 10,0% – Start vesting upon the game launch, 2.78% monthly, vest monthly in 36 month

Liquidity – 5,0% – TGE 30%, 3 months cliff, vest monthly in 12 months

Reserve – 4,0% – Vest monthly in 36 months

Backers And Partners

Business Age Of Empires (BAoE)

BAoE has Powerful support from 

Grooo International – An information technology and software platform development company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, with over a decade of experience providing software offshore development services to the Japanese market, the Korean market, the Australian market, and the Finland market.

MetaUltra Holdings (MUH) – A global technology investment and development company with operations in over 100 countries. 

D.H INC. – A Japanese company with over 15 years of experience and an all-designer workforce based in the admirable technology country of Singapore. They have amassed accomplishments across genres and have recently established a firm foothold in the world of “national games.” They are best known for their games, animation, pachinko, and feature films.

Together with a diverse group of partners, such as:

Moonchase Asset Management – A South Korean investment firm focused on private equity and initial public offering (IPO) funds.

SEM Agency Co., Ltd – Founded in 2005 and specializes in digital marketing, influencer marketing, and international marketing.

With over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, SEM Agency will be a valuable partner in assisting BAoE 

D.Ragoon Co., Ltd – A company based in Japan – the subject is specialized in conducting business in the field of computer programming. It began as a “hub company”, bridging Japan and the rest of the world.


Business Age Of Empires (BAoE)

Archived Targets

November – 2021

The team has a drawn-out course of events for the game and an unmistakable guide to introduce BAoE advancement. Allow me to spoil a little bit about this news.

The team will develop The Single Play as a 2D model on a flat platform. If you want to play alone, you can expect it to come out in the first three months of 2022. PVP mode will follow soon after.

Successfully built Social Channel

Finished Seed Round and Private Round

A fantastic demonstration of the game, it effectively raised $500,000 in the capital on the seed round and sold out in two days.

December – 2021

Published the Website

Built Community

Completed Testnet 2D

Conducted Whitelist Public Events

In the future

It has been quite a challenge for the team at BAoE, but with the support from BAoE’s community, the team at BAoE persevered.

January – 2022

Starting IDO on January 14th, 2022

Release the Marketplace

Testnet game

Listing & Launching Mainnet Game So make sure you keep a close look at the updates on Medium and other Social media.

Q3/Q4 – 2022

Complete 3D Graphic Design 

Release Testnet 3D

Publicize the Workshop Function

Organize Tournaments

Q1/Q2 – 2023

Completed Testnet 3D for 

Release mainnet 3D

GameFi Ecosystem 

Metaverse R&D

Q3/Q4 – 2023

The game has its eyes on the Meta world

The team promises that release Game BAoE Metaverse.

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