Bunicorn to Reshape Liquidity Mining Incentives with Exclusive NFT Collectibles

The protocol integrates NFTs into a unique yield rewards system to incentivize miners.

Introducing Bunicorn

A few months ago, the Bunicorn project caught the public’s eyes as the first all-in-one Binance Smart Chain-based Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the blockchain. The product decreases risks and improves capital inefficiencies and also provides high APY liquidity mining farms, with a new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) reward vesting methodology to prevent price depreciation. Those user-centric features of Bunicorn have proved their efficiency and practicality to the community with the Bunicorn IDO’s massive success. 

Bunicorn IDO is a Smash-hit

Backed by various reputable venture capitals like Signum Capital, Krypital Group, etc., the extraordinary heads of Bunicorn have successfully proceeded with three consecutive vital events and milestones, including the IDOthe mainnet going live, and the new incentivized program within the first two weeks of July. This productivity has brought the project groundbreaking achievements:

Successfully sold-out IDO at Poolz & Redkite launchpad

The $BUNI token is priced at 0.13$ (ROI x6.5 from private round and x4 from the IDO), according to CMC

With the mainnet going live and the new incentivized program running within the first five days, Bunicorn has successfully gained:

5850 holders

$15,5 million Total Value Locked

342K social impressions across social channels

“Bunicorn ending the first phase with these growing figures in such a short time has been overwhelming for our team. And if it were not for our community’s ceaseless support, the project would not make it to where it is right now. Therefore, I would like to express my appreciation to the wonderful Bunicorn community. Our team strives to bring you a better version of Bunicorn every day, pushing yield farming out of the boring traditional method and adding a more fun aspect to this concept.” stated Phuc Nguyen, Bunicorn’s CEO.

Bunicorn Uses NFT Collectibles to Boost Yields

Following Bunicorn’s victorious IDO, the project will be moving on to phase 2. Bunicorn will focus on originating its own gamified universe along with unique NFT cards. This plan shall start with two next prominent milestones, encompassing the NFT game and the NFT marketplace.

The Bunicorn team will be putting a lot of effort into inventing a whole new NFT game with a fantastic storyline based on Bunicorn’s NFT cards to revolutionize yield farming. More details on this plan will be soon revealed as the team has successfully recruited a veteran game designer to join the project

The NFTs as collectibles can be ascribed additional value. Bunicorn intends to make a universe of gamified cards with unique artworks generated algorithmically similar to that of Crypto Kitties or Polkamons. They rank the rarity of the Bunicorn NFT collectibles in 6 levels from Normal to Legend based on the number of underlying assets wrapped in that token and the duration of the vesting period. For instance, a BUNI token with a value of $1M locked in 1 month would be classified as “Super Rare”. Cards can be enhanced until a certain level at which they are fully mature.

For its value-locked NFT collectibles, the Bunicorn team is creating its own NFT marketplace. The standard NFTs can also be minted/traded with additional fungible time-locked tokens. This new generation of value-added NFTs defines its value again with speculative price, from normal works of art to valuable assets. It opens new doors for collectors, traders, and content creators on a global scale. More details will be revealed in August, 2021. 

Bunicorn was recently listed on DappRadar, Dapp.com, Blockfolio and MathWallet. 

About Bunicorn

Bunicorn is an AMM DEX that offers investors yield-earning opportunities through liquidity pools and liquidity farm mining with unique time-locked rewards wrapped into tradable NFTs. 

Bunicorn aims to address the post-DeFi liquidity crisis through NFT vesting and turn the yield farming rewards into unique NFT collectibles that bring long-term value to both the community and the project itself. Their vision is powered by two prominent advanced features:

– Pools with the most current optimized AMM models: Balancer-style liquidity bootstrapping pools (LBP) and Kyber-style Amplified pools, Bunicorn ensures the capital efficiency and fair token distribution to prevent bots from front-running. 

– Unique BUNI NFT collectibles generated from yield farming will be backed by a genuinely fantastic game storyline introduced by the Bunicorn team.

Bunicorn is initially built on the Binance Smart Chain and plans on expanding to multiple chains such as Polkadot, ETH layer 2 and more in the future.

Source : bsc.news

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