Bubble Maps from Moonlight Visualizes Token Distribution

The Bubble Maps tool gives users a deeper insight into the behavior behind top tokens.

Bubble Maps Visualizes Crypto Tokens

An incredible token visualization project exists on BNB Chain and Ethereum. Bubble Maps, from the team behind Moonlight Token, created a cool tool to visualize token distribution using data accumulated through BscScan

The Bubble Maps tool is open to exploring hundreds of the top tokens across the two popular blockchains. Projects can provide transparency of their token distribution. The tool has practical uses for security and transparency, and projects can use the tools as a visual graphic to help pitch to VCs. 

“BubbleMaps showcases the top 150 token owners as 150 bubbles, the bubble size is proportionate to its holdings, so the bigger the wallet, the higher it will be on the ranking list,” Don Cameron, CMO of Moonlight explained about ApeSwap NFTs. “If there has been a transfer of BNB, BUSD, or that token, then two wallets will also be linked together, showcasing potential manipulation and wallet splitting.” 


The Moonlight team debuted the Bubble Maps in April 2021 and has been able to give a simplistic view of many of the more complicated tokens in crypto. The tool reveals the world of popular tokens in an easy, readable layout. More and more projects have begun seeing the increased benefits of listing and giving their users increased transparency––it is almost a standard for popular projects. 

The Bubble Maps team has several guides for discovering the various use-cases. The protocols Twitter profile routinely updates short videos displaying specific use cases for newly onboard projects as well. The Bubble Maps project is a handy useful tool for any BNB Chain investor.

“As a general rule, ‘the more simple the bubble map, the more healthy the token distribution,’” reads the whitepaper.

What is Moonlight?

Moonlight Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token. The main product from the Moonlight team is Bubble Maps, a ground-breaking way of exploring DeFi tokens or NFT collections. The tool showcases bubbles that reveal deeper connections between wallets and tokens. The group believes BNB Chain can be at the forefront of cryptocurrency. The Moonlight token is available on major exchanges like PancakeSwap and ApeSwap. 

Where to find Moonlight

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Source : bsc.news

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