BSCPad, TronPad, and Bull Perks Announce IDO for Polker (PKR), a NextGen Poker Game

Polker looks ready to integrate poker into the DeFi ecosystem with a bunch of platforms hosting IDOs for the token.

Polker Expands Their Ecosystem

Polker, a powerful and innovative blockchain-based poker platform, has now launched their IDO on BSCPad and TronPad. The news was announced on June 23rd via BSCPad’s Telegram. The breaking IDO news for Polker follows the recent update from Bull Perks where it was announced on June 22nd that Bull Perks would also host an IDO for Polker. 

An IDO or Initial DEX Offering is when a token launches via a decentralized exchange with the option for early investors to purchase the token. Polker or $PKR has an upcoming IDO on June 25th 2021, on both TronPad and BSCPad as shown in the image below. 


Although Polker goes live on TronPad and BSCPad on June 25th, Bull Perks has already begun their IDO of Polker. Not only that but Bull Perks has already closed their IDO with Polker. Already, Polker has raised 100% of their goal (99,000) BUSD  via the Bull Perks IDO. The exchange rate for PKR via Bull Perks is 1 BUSD = 54.05 PKR.  


As time ticks away, any interested investor looking to get involved into the Polker protocol should consider either setting a date for June 25th, when Polker goes live on BSCPad and TronPad or consider heading to Bull Perks before time runs out! 

What is Polker (PKR)?

Polker is a next gen virtual poker playing platform on the blockchain. Users play, win, or lose with real crypto money on the virtual protocol. What makes Polker such an interesting project however, is their True Random Number Generator (TRNG) and the NFT integration. For serious poker players, Polker has a patented novel technology that allows the platform to truly generate random numbers, ensuring players are playing in a fair game. The gameplay is promised to be clean, fast and reliable, with each game and the important details of that game being stored in the blockchain. But that’s not all. Polker also has integrated NFTs, which allow users special access into tournaments and cool on screen visual effects when playing matches.

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