BSCN Introduces Legit or Scam Research Category at BSCN

When we take a look at certain projects on Google or other websites we sometimes find a lot of disturbing information about what took place at certain projects and how many people became a victim of premeditated intentions of scams, fabricated as the next best project available in the crypto market. Or a sincere project that is failing on every approach making it appear to the public as if it’s most likely a scam.

These days it is really hard to notice at first sight whether a project or a vision is sincere or not. Besides that, it also matters whether or not the team behind a project has appropriate intensions towards its investors, community members and additional followers or end-product users.

Even though is a website that is fully dedicated to the events and occasions on the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem. Every day we see new people fall into the trap of predetermined fabricated scams, impersonation of project representatives, Rug pull-based investment opportunities, dozen of scammers who have followed sales and voice pitch training to convince you of the next best investment opportunity and many other ways to take away your money or other forms of belongings.

BSCN Will try and monitor from a neutral perspective

Many great people are dedicating their time to analyze and research to then inform others whether or not they found crucial information that could prevent you from walking in a lured trap. BSCN wants to make sure to be involve in the paradox research process trying to prevent both people from walking into scams as well try to get a grip on whether or not a project is being called a scam for the right reasons.

The goal is to have informative logs, useful webpages and screenshots of events that took place and at the same time monitor what the responses and behavior of the audience towards the projects that we intent to monitor are. It is not always easy to point a finger and classify something as legit or as a scam. Therefor, we do ask from the audience to keep in mind that we are feeding the Legit or Scam Research News Category from a neutral perspective, based on information that is available on the internet but not always noticeable at first sight.

Make sure that you always do your own research and if you believe we are wrong do not forget to email us at [email protected]

Disclaimer of BSCN Legit or Scam Research News Category

We do not predict or classify projects as a confirmed scam throughout the name of BSCN. We simply create feed logs and collect data and sources that are available on the internet. In case another news source confirms that a project is a guaranteed scam we will quote the message and the source with the original url for the BSCN audience to study on their own if they wish to do so.

We are trying to contribute to a safer environment for the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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