BSCLaunch: An Ecosystem Launcher and Incubator on Binance Smart Chain

Launchpads are an essential aspect of the fundraising process in decentralized Finance (DeFi). BSCLaunch aims to capitalize on other launchpads’ weaknesses by providing an array of dapps that provides value to users and projects.

What is BSCLaunch?

BSCLaunch is an intelligent investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It enables projects to raise funds in a decentralized environment, offering safety, freedom, fairness, and equal opportunity to users who participate in fundraising events. It also offers a wide scope of products project launch as an ecosystem, IDO called the Ecosystem IDO.


BSCLaunch will be different from other Launchpad platforms in simple integrations of various dapps into its ecosystem that can cater to low-rise gems and ambitious projects requiring big capital. The dapps that make up all of the essential parts of BSCLaunch are treated separately. This is aimed to give both projects and users increased earning opportunities.

Key Features







Project Components

BSC Launches’ various dApps make up the project components. They aim to add a mixed-use case to its ecosystem. Each of these dapps has a different set of functions, funds allocation, IDOs, Teams, and tokens that play specific vital roles.

BSCLaunch All in One platform


The platform starts with the first of its ecosystem, which forms the most essential dapp of them all – the B-Launch. B-Launch will be the launchpad of top-tier projects helping projects bring to a broader audience in the ecosystem. This will be done with the highest, safest, transparent projects with huge potentials.


Staking – Pool weights 

Guaranteed allocations 

Top-tier projects chosen by a council 

Sequential Ecosystem Launches (Sequential IDOs) 

Fundraising Info: 

Low cap Raise $800k 

Part of 5 Dapps Sequential IDOs 

Token: BSL


B-Tools is an Advanced AI tool created to aid a correct analysis of the market and support investors in making the right investment decisions.


Analyzing and providing IDO participant demographic. No spammers, no bots, no clones. Fairness is guaranteed. 

Providing advanced market analysis tools and market maker tools for all investors to spot investment opportunities. 

Fundraising Info: 

  • Low cap Raise – $500k 
  • 30% of the allocation only for B-Launch + B-Swap + B-Farm participants 
  • Token: BST

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