BSCLaunch: A Startup That Caters To Unicorns Of The Future

Decentralized finance has gained popularity over the past few years. The technology runs on blockchain backends and gives entrepreneurs a new way to explore their ideas and business opportunities. The purpose of decentralized finance, also referred to as DeFi, is to eliminate the need for intermediaries when performing transactions, speeding up the process and reducing costs in the meantime. 

BSCLaunch is a new startup that focuses on providing a DeFi system that can scale and grow as trends change in the future. The goal of BSCLaunch is to help startups on decentralized networks gain a better start to their projects. We take a closer look at BSCLaunch in this post. 

About BSCLaunch

BSCLaunch is still a relatively new project but has already started to make waves. The brand focuses on providing services for the startups of the future – which the people behind the project refer to as their “unicorns”. The company has a large focus on attracting investors, as the entire network is made to provide a more comprehensive solution for those who are interested in making investments.  BSCLaunch has a goal of delivering a new type of DeFi platform that comes with an Ecosystem Launcher. 

BSCLaunch is based on the Binance Smart Chain. This decentralized network is stable and has gained the trust of many people. The project aims to become an incubator network, which will provide support for startup companies who use the Binance Smart Chain as their backend. BSCLaunch is also creating a system that will address current problems that people and startups face when they are at an early stage of the launch process. Individuals behind the project have conducted extensive research to find the most common issues – and developed the BSCLaunch platform to address these factors. 

BSCLaunch Backers

BSCLaunch has already secured multiple partnerships with well-known projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. These partnerships or incubations as the founders of BSCLaunch refer to it, helps the project gain more traction – leading to a more successful future. 

BSCLaunch backers include some of the biggest name in the space such as AU21, Titans Ventures, Petrock Capital, BTA Ventures, and Magnus capital.

BSCLaunch Features And Services

In less than a one-year period, BSCLaunch has managed to introduce multiple services that will become essential to startups who rely on the Binance Smart Chain network for their operations. Some of the current projects and features that have been announced include:

B-Launch: A platform that helps new startup projects reach a global audience, while also gaining access to top-tier tools and solutions. 

B-Insurance: An insurance platform that helps to provide more security for investments. 

B-Farms: A digital farmer system that offers rewards, as well as help the startup gain a whitelisted status on future projects on the network. 

B-Swap: A system that makes the swapping of different cryptocurrencies flawless. 

B-Tools: A DeFi platform that provides evaluation tools. 

Token Allocation

The BSCLaunch project has secured a total supply of 100,000,000. BSL was allocated to BSCLaunch as the project’s designated token. A full overview of the token allocation has been announced on the platform’s official website. A majority of token allocation is being awarded to marketing purposes, allowing the project to gain more traction – especially during the earlier stages. A total of 22% of tokens are being allocated toward marketing purposes for the BSCLaunch project. 

Other allocations announced by the project includes:

1% to public sales

10% to private sales

1% to airdrop

11% to the ecosystem

15% to reserves

8% to the seed round

2% to DEX/TGE

15% to the liquidity pool reward


A full roadmap can be found on the official BSCLaunch website. The project was initiated in September 2020, with a process that started with both market and product research. By November 2020, Testnet B-Swap and Testnet B-Launch were in development, and the creative minds behind the project started to work on the Testnet B-Insurance product in December 2020. By the first quarter in 2021, public and private sales go live on the network, and B-swap on-chain is released on the platform. 

Currently, BSCLaunch is focusing on fundraising processes for the following features of the platform:

IDO B-Launch

IDO B-Swap

IDO B-Farm

IDO B-Tool


IDO B-Insure

The release of B-Swap 1.0, B-Launch, B-Farm, and B-Insure v1.0 are also planned for Q2 2021. In addition to these releases, Q2 2021 is also the planned period for testnet phrases of both the B-Tool and B-NFT features on the BSCLaunch platform. 

Additional plans for the future have also been announced for the BSCLaunch project, with the B-swap cross chain expected to launch in the first quarter of 2022. Prior to this release, the project is planning a full BSCLaunch wallet to be launched on mobile app stores before the end of 2021. 


BSCLaunch has already secured a large supply. The platform is based on the Binance Smart Chain, and continues to grow in popularity. The people behind BSCLaunch focus on addressing common issues that startups face when they are new to the blockchain world; thus helping these companies to succeed with their early stage projects. 

Source : bscdaily

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