BSCex Project Review: A Decentralized Exchange Centered Ecosytem

BSCex is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that aims to facilitate the services that exchange-centered ecosystems provide.

BSCex Project Review

BSCex is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that aims to facilitate the services that exchange-centered ecosystems provide. This project’s primary goal is to bring Binance’s off-chain services on-chain to the  Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSCex attempts to achieve this goal by leveraging it’s Cross Liquidity Layer 2, integrating its LaunchPadX/LaunchPoolX, and launching its DexX . These features will be explained in-depth as well as outlined in the roadmap.

Currently, BSCex is developing its unique Cross Liquidity Layer 2 protocol, which utilizes multiples AMM’s liquidity. Currently, BSCex only aggregates liquidity from PancakeSwap (PCS), but they plan on aggregating from BakerySwap and BurgerSwap and other leading AMM’s.

As of 12/29/2020, the LaunchpoolX is now live, allowing users to provide BSCX / BUSD liquidity. Users who LP these tokens will begin earning liquidity mining rewards in BSCX tokens. As the project develops we can expect to see features such as their LaunchPadX, AMM+, and DexX to be released to users.

Key Features







–Cross Liquidity Layer 2



The LaunchpoolX serves as the on-chain edition of the Binance Launchpool. Users will be able to provide liquidity provider (LP) tokens for the BSCX/BUSD pair. Currently, can earn BSCX the native governance token. It is essential for users who wish to earn liquidity rewards to understand the one-year time lock on farming rewards, which I explain in-depth in the “Tokenomics” section. BSCX is also incorporated into the Launchpad X, the platform’s initial DEX offering (IDO) service, allowing users to earn IDO tokens. This service will be similar to PancakeSwaps CAKE pools, enabling users to earn a plethora of different tokens. The team has also incorporated a deflationary function, burning 20% of the BSCX raised in IDO’s. This system drives value to long term holders as the circulating supply is decreasing making the remaing tokens more scarce.

For those who wish to learn all about deflationary token models check out my Cryptonomics article.


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Similar to the LaunchpoolX, the LaunchPadX also serves as the on-chain edition of the Binance Launchpad. Projects will leverage this platform to raise funds through an IDO. IDO’s hosted on the LaunchpadX will only be accessible to those who provide BSCX/BUSD liquidity and win the LuckyStar ticket, distributed to LP’s.

Users who deposit their LP tokens on the LaunchPadX are subject to a one year time lock. Once the time lock is over users will only be able to withdraw 10% each month, meaning it will take users at least 1 year and 10 months to receive back their initial LP tokens. The team has incorporated this time lock in order to protect long term token holders from price dumps. While this seems like an extended period of time users will be able to earn LaunchPadX rewards for the entire time lock period, where users can then re-claim their LP tokens (initial investment) once finished.


SwapX is the center element of the BSCex ecosystem. SwapX aims to provide ample liquidity for a plethora of stable coin and cryptocurrency pairs. Currently, users can swap between 15 different crypto assets; the following list outlines a few:








The team at BSCex is rapidly developing its Cross Liquidity Layer 2 to aggregate liquidity from multiple AMM’s, providing users with the most optimal swaps. The BSCex Aggregating Engine identifies the best AMM to divide, match, and execute users’ orders to achieve this. This system allows users to access a larger portion of the BSC’s liquidity, providing more efficient swaps and avoiding unnecessary slippage.

The following example is provided by the BSCex team describing how the Aggregating Engine would divide users orders to obtain the most efficient swap:

For example, BSCex users want to swap 2000 BUSD to BNB. The price slippage of BakerySwap for 2000 BUSD in trading volume is 0.2%. Each $500 in trading volume will cause a 0.05% slippage in price. While PancakeSwap slippage is 0.12% and a $500 in trading volume will cause 0.105% slippage. Our BSCex Aggregating Engine will calculate and divide 2000 BUSD into two smaller orders. One order of 1363.636 BUSD is executed on PancakeSwap and another order of 636.364 BUSD is executed on BakerySwap. The total price impact/slippage is 0.097%, much lower than executing an order on just one single AMM.


DexX serves as a decentralized crypto exchange built on the BSC. This DEX aims to acquire the best liquidity and facilitate its on-chain order book by leveraging the protocols AMM+ technology.  The team at BSCex seeks to implement a complete user experience, including limit, market, stop limit, and stop market orders to traders

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