BSCDOG AMA Transcript


BSCdog AMA Transcript

All Questions answered by Martin

Lola (AMA HOST): Do I have the team member of BSCdog here already?

Martin: Hi I’m here good evening everyone.

Lola (AMA HOST): Great evening to you.

Hope you’re good. @M4RTY_CRYPTO

Martin: Thanks for the warm welcome it’s our pleasure to be here

Lola (AMA HOST): Shall we go into what we have for you tonight 😊

Good to have you here with us too.

Martin: Yes please 😁

Lola (AMA HOST): Okay.

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and BSCdog? Could you tell us your role in the project and briefly introduce BSCdog?

Martin: BSCDOG started life as meme token from anon dev who renounced the ownership of the smart contract.  He then moved on and left BSC DOG in charge of the community from which the current team are from. The team initially joined together because we were sick of rugs and wanted a safe place to put our money. Since then the team have expanded uses cases of the token and have continued to organically grow the community. My name as is Martin , I’m from the UK. I have been in the crypto space for a little over a  year now . I act currently as one of the lead admin / devs on the project.

Lola (AMA HOST): Kindly type done as soon you’re through answering.

Martin: oh yes done

Lola (AMA HOST): This is great. 

So far, we’ve been hearing a lot of projects saying they are tired of rugs and they wanna stop them. But can you tell us or convince us why we should trust you on that too?

Martin: Yeah for the benefit of those in our telegram along with our new partners we held a video zoom AMA earlier today with myself and our partners appearing on camera fully doxxed. We as a team have spent a long time building our names and reputations on telegram and in the crypto space. Anyone that has been around me and knows me knows I am always honest with people. My name to me is everything which is why I and the team around me have given up not only time but money to promote and develop the BSCDOG project further. So my advice would be if you’re unsure of anything join us in our telegram get to know us the project before investing if you need to build that trust in us.

Q2. How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

Martin: Really the entire community is one big team, we work together and make decisions on the progress of BSCDOG based on polls in the telegram.

Everyone gets a vote.

We currently have 7 main team members with a variety of skills like programming, community management and marketing to name a few.

Lola (AMA HOST): Ok.

Q3. Marketing increases project awareness. What are the future plans on Marketing?

Martin: Just last week we added Stathis (a new admin) to the team.

He is going to help spearhead a new marketing plan, while we can’t say too much until things are confirmed we are confident these new plans will massively increase our visibility in the space.

It was him, in one of his first acts since joining the team, that booked this AMA as he had many good things about this group.

But yes getting this project more exposure is one of our main goals.

Lola (AMA HOST): Great. That’s good to hear. 👍

Q4. Has your smart contract been audited? If yes, who audited it?

Martin: Yes our contract has been audited by CaptainJackCryptoAPE is a well known figure in the bsc scene. He currently operates as one of the advisors of the project.

Lola (AMA HOST): Perfect. Auditing really means a lot to the Community. Cos it increases their chances to trust a project.

Q5. What are the benefits or Rewards in BSCdog?

Martin: The contract itself is programmed to reward holders by charging a 3% tax on each buy and sell. This is then distributed to holders in proportion to the amount of BSCDOG they’re holding.

BSCDOG is a MEME token like so many others – however we also have  use-cases and are always expanding on this.,. so far we have NFT farming up and running with our partner Degenerate Money. We also have yield farming with another partner Alchemist DeFi- which we just announced today. These are 2 new avenues so far that the BSCDOG community can earn rewards. The plan is to build an ecosystem with BSCDOG in the middle but of course that takes time and planning to implement.

Q6. How many Partners do you have? And what do you expect from them?

Martin: We currently have the two partners we just talked about. Just to name them again Degenerate Money and Alchemist DeFi. When we pick our partners we expect shared community values like trust and transparency. Which is rare in the age of rug pools on BSC.

Q7. Can you tell us about your Q3 roadmap cos it seems you’re working on Q2

Martin: We actually have an updated roadmap which is not yet on the website.

 Our main target we are working on for Q3 is a partnership with a Dog protection charity, we are currently in talks with a few and we feel this would be an amazing opportunity to help animals in need.

Quite a few members in the community have asked for us to look into this. So in line with this being a community project we want to deliver on what’s asked of us. It’s our way of giving back.

Lola (AMA HOST): Yeah. That’s a good idea.

Q8. Can you share with our community the plans you and your project have for this year and the coming years?

Martin: As mentioned we are currently looking for a partnership with a Dog charity.

We also have more partnerships lined up, as discussed in question 3. We are also exploring NFT’s and gamification.

So really we’re trying to set BSCDOG up to stand the test of time because so often projects pop up fast and just as fast they are over.

We are NOT going to be one of those projects. The plan is to be more than just a meme and the partnerships we help us get there. All this is of course achieved with the cooperation of our community.

Q9. What are the major challenges of BSCdog and how do you intend to solve them?

Martin: The biggest challenge we have had has been in raising liquidity as the original smart contract did not have the function to build liquidity on buys and sells.

That is why we partnered with Alchemist Defi on top of sharing our core values, their pools will help us to overcome this problem. When people are asked to provide liquidity that of course what to know what’s in it for them. So with our partner we’re providing a steady and safe passive income stream for holders to park their funds without fear of being exploited or taken advantage of. We really want to reward those holders who support us and that is another way we are giving back.

Lola (AMA HOST): How do you manage trust issue? Cos a lot of investors find it hard to believe. Or you don’t have any?

Martin: Well doing things like I mentioned earlier the video call on zoom earlier I’m on video our partners are on video. Copies of that meeting can be available upon request. We’re super active in the community each day we’re transparent with everything we do. As a community project we’re not paid to do any of this and I challenge any other community run project to say they’re doing as much as my team is without it being a paid job. You’ll see me active in the chat from the time I’m awake to late into the night. Always thinking of ways to improve things for the project. I am obsessive in my personality and when I have a goal I will achieve it.

Lola (AMA HOST): That’s a nice move. I believe it proves your loyalty and build trust. 

Keep it up!

Q10. Share with us all the links about BSCdog, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.


🌍 Web:

📠 Telegram:

⌨️ Twitter:

📊 Pancakeswap:

✅ Liquidity locked:

📈 Chart:

📈 Unirocket:

📈Price chat:

✉️ Contract Address 0xaB329b1B7785be9f954bacFc7Fa663Ce9b36338d

Q11. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

Martin: Our yield farm has just launched with our partner Alchemist Defi, as we know the APY is always high when farms are first set up, so get in fast and start earning!

I am also on the team of another BIG project that will be launching in the coming weeks I really cannot reveal the name but this project will be making waves on BSC I can assure you of that. Let’s just say every project needs a mascot 😉 So maybe a good time to accumulate BSCDOG who knows..

Lola (AMA HOST): Sure! It’s a good time too since it’s just launched.

Thank you for your answers @M4RTY_CRYPTO it was really a nice time with you.

Martin: Thank you for having us really was our pleasure

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