BSC to Partake in Gitcoin DeFi x Cross-Chain Hackathon: US$50,000 to Win’s DEFI & Cross-Chain Interoperability Hackathon is scheduled to run from October 18, 2021 to November 8, 2021. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is set to join the said hackathon event under the auspices of its recently announced US$1 Billion Growth Fund for BSC and the blockchain industry. An AMA session for the US$1 billion Growth Fund is scheduled for 27th October, 2021. is courtesy of Gitcoin (“Build and Fund the Open Web Together.”) Gitcoin platform builds remote-friendly, open-source communities via bounties, hackathons, grants, etc. Gitcoin’s tools appeal to developers and entrepreneurs globally to develop products and infrastructure, shaping blockchain and Web3’s future. Gitcoin connects the community that develops digital public goods, developing financial solutions, and shaping the open web.

Users can earn, learn, connect, and fund on, thereby accessing millions in open source funding. So far, Gitcoin has funded US$37.1 million with 311,668 active developers, as of this writing.

In the upcoming three weeks’ period, teams can submit their hackathon application. Contestants would compete to seek solutions that aim to offer enhanced interoperability and cross-chain functionality for NFTs. The pitched solution would table a fitting solution with the potential of boosting the BSC ecosystem development. The total prize to be won is US$50,000.

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