BSC RPG GameFi Luna Rush Nears Launch

Binance Smart Chain continues to canvas an increasing number of ambitious GameFi projects.

GameFi Luna Rush Set for Lift Off

The new GameFi project Luna Rush has marked the coming weeks as the period in which their IDO will officially be set. How much interest they can drum up in the meantime is another matter.

With such a saturated play-to-earn market at the moment, Luna Rush could end up being another project that is simply hidden in the mass of innovation, but their team expresses an ambition to utilize blockchain. 

The team was succinct in their explanation of what GameFi allows them to achieve:

“Applying blockchain technology to the game enables an open economy that traditional centralized games cannot achieve,” the team exclusively revealed to BSC News. “Players now can play to entertain while earning real money with their skills, they are now really earning their assets in-game, having full control on selling, buying, renting, exchanging their NFT asset on Luna Marketplace.”

Of course, it must be said, this is nothing we haven’t heard before, and with such a saturation in the current GameFi market, Luna Rush will know that there is a great deal ahead of them if they are to set themselves apart. 

While the trailer shows the sleek and shine of a new project looking to impress, how it manages to attract a community is where this project will live or die. 

BSC News will be looking to track how this project manages to progress from its infancy.

What is Luna Rush?

Luna Rush is an NFT Idle RPG Game, where you have the chance to become a Luna Master, summoning powerful Luna Warriors, teaching them the right skills, and making an undefeatable team. You are given the chance to send your team on a quest of defeating powerful bosses, fighting solo battles, and competing with other Luna Masters on fiercely fought tournaments to earn exclusive rewards!

Where to find Luna Rush:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Discord |

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