BSC Reveals How $100 Million Fund Will Develop Next Generation of Crypto Talent

Binance Smart Chain has explained how its $100 million talent development fund will help to power the next phase of crypto growth and innovation.

Crypto Talent

Binance Smart Chain has released further details on its $100 million talent development fund which is focused on advancing research, education, and career opportunities in crypto and Web 3.0. It is particularly concerned with ‘a significant lack of crypto-native talent’ in the industry. It is hoped that over time the fund can help address these issues.

In many ways, crypto has become a victim of its own success, growing faster than the talent pool can keep up.

“As the industry grows and attracts more users and investors, crypto companies struggle to find professionals to fill available positions. Whether it’s finance, creative, development, or security, there are more open positions than available candidates to occupy them,” said BSC Matthew explained in a blog dated November 8th. “We are dedicated to growing the crypto industry, and that’s not possible without a sufficient talent pool.”

The fund itself will be split into four areas of interest, each targeting specific sectors and addressing differing challenges. The four areas are:

Awareness events

Binance Smart Chain will create live events which will appeal to students, job seekers, and the general public.

Internships and job opportunities

Binance Smart Chain will open job opportunities along marketing, tech, business, and security


Through the talent development fund, Binance Smart Chain can finance the development of new technologies and ideas as well as sponsor universities and educational organizations. This dual approach is hoped to create and grow crypto talent pools.

Community events

Reaching out to the community, Binance Smart Chain will create educational materials and job opportunities to help them better understand blockchain.

How Binance Smart Chain seeks to develop talent infographic (source)

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