BSC Pad Overview and Upcoming IDOs

Fundraising is an integral part of project development that enables them to achieve their aims, goals, and objective contained in their roadmaps. BSCPad is one of the first IDO platforms on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to promote a fair launchpad and a more distributed reward system.

What is BSCPad?

BSCPad is one of the first decentralized Initial Dex Offering (IDO) platform on the BSC network. The platform empowers cryptocurrency projects with the ability to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. The platform has found a solution to incentivize and reward token holders in an inclusive way and with a lower entry barrier.

The platform creates a platform that rewards token holders and guarantees them a spot during token allocation; the platform uses a tier system to achieve this.

Key Features

Initial Dex Offering (IDO)


Project Components

The platform uses a two-round system to ensure fairness and achieve a truly decentralized system. BSCPad corrects the fundamental flaws existing with other launchpad solutions; where acquiring enough tokens for their launchpad is prohibited, and even if you hold the tokens, you are not guaranteed a spot as it’s based on a First Come First Serve basis. This situation results in bots filling up the slots faster than humans.

These flaws are corrected within the tier system of BSCPad, with no luck, no bots, and no lotteries, there is 100% human participation in a fair and decentralized manner.

Round 1 is the Allocation Round

Bronze – 1000 tokens staking requirement

Silver – 2500 tokens staking requirement

Gold – 5000 tokens staking requirement

Platinum – 10000 

Diamond – 25000

Community Contributor – X amount of tokens (undetermined)

In the first round, users will have at least 20hrs to purchase the tokens allotted to them based on their tier.

Round 2 is the FCFS Round

The second-round buying window opens an opportunity for all members simultaneously,  regardless of their tier. The difference between BSCPad FCFS round and other launchpad is that:

Unlike burning unsold tokens typical of most launchpad platforms, the unsold tokens from the first round are made available for the second round on BSCPad.

All tier members can purchase an additional amount that is determined by their tier level.

So far, BSCPad has offered a fair launch of all the projects that have used their IDO platform and continues to attract new platforms. The newly announced project for the IDO launchpad is Cook.Finance.

Starting today, 29-03-2021, the IDO information is as follows:

Allocation Round Start:  March 31st, 8 AM UTC 

FCFS Public Sale Start: March 31st, 1 PM UTC

PancakeSwap Launch: March 31st time (TBA)

1st Snapshot: Sunday, March 28th at 2:00 PM UTC

2nd Snapshot: Wednesday, March 31st at 5:00 AM UTC

This IDO is one of the most anticipated for March. The BSCPad IDO launchpad is often meet with exciting sentiments.


Team and advisor tokens are locked for three months and unlocked at 25% quarterly. Marketing 20% unlocked before listing and then 6.67% monthly over 12 months.

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