BSC News X StreetSwap Launch Package

To further stimulate growth in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Thugs.Fi team and BSC News team have created a marketing partnership, the BSC News X StreetSwap Launch Package.

BSC News X StreetSwap Launch Package

To further stimulate growth in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Thugs.Fi team and BSC News team have created a marketing partnership. This deal comprises of a marketing package from the BSC News team, a discount to projects prioritizing StreetSwap (SS) liquidity, and internal vetting (unofficial) from the Thugs. Fi team. 

This partnership helps stimulate the BSC ecosystem by allowing new projects to work with Automated Market Making (AMM) platforms and simultaneously receive exposure to the entire BSC community. At this same time, this stimulates our growth and drives liquidity to our partnered AMM.

Well, what is in it for BSC News?

In this partnership, StreetSwap will have its internal vetting process to prevent us from marketing rug-pulls. This is already a plus as it helps further protect our users and the BSC Community. On top of this, SS will refer projects, or even accommodate them, to our marketing package. This is huge for BSCNews as we have continued to expand our media presence rapidly.

Overall this partnership will allow us to increase revenue to expand further our BSC/De-Fi coverage; regarding the quality of content and rising avenues of media. We envision ourselves as the primary news source regarding the BSC and will continue to expand on this as the BSC grows.

Why StreetSwap?

The BSC is still young, and there isn’t a definitive AMM yet. We have established a collaboration to help StreetSwap grow and support new projects on the BSC. We specifically targeted growing Automated Market Makers (AMM) due to the recent launch of JetFuel. We noticed that JetFuel decided to launch with leading AMM PancakeSwap versus others due to their cost-benefit analysis. It has become apparent that SS, PancakeSwap (PCS), and BakerySwap (BS) are battling for the #1 AMM spot, and we created this package to help drive liquidity to AMM’s. 

We had reached out to a couple of projects on top of this, but SS was willing to hear us out and familiar with our work. Through SS participating in this partnership, it gives projects an added incentive to list on SS initially versus other projects. 

In this specific example, the JetFuel team used us as an avenue for marketing but paid full price. On top of this, JetFuel launched on PCS, which was chosen because it provided more liquidity and users. With our marking package, JetFuel may have initially listed on SS(who still has ample liquidity) to receive a marketing package. Overall our package aims to direct liquidity to other competing AMM’s, specifically SS, through incentivizing new projects through our partnership.

New Projects!

For those who have not already picked up on it, this partnership offers an excellent opportunity for developing projects on the BSC. A community is arguably one of the essential aspects of any De-Fi project, and many small projects struggle with this. Here at BSCNews, we have developed our marketing package to display your project to our users. This allows us to take care of the core marketing for small BSC projects that may not have the team or experience, and all successful De-FI projects have excellent marketing. Overall this partnership gives new projects direct marketing to the BSC ecosystem as a whole.

The package will contain the following:

Sponsored Article

Podcast Interview

Sponsored Yield Farm Page 

Live AMA


Sponsored Podcast AD

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Concluding Thoughts

After some conversation and compromise with the Thugs.Fi team, we have been able to come to a compelling agreement. The main challenge of structuring the package was to ensure that

every party can benefit from participating. At BSC News, we noticed an issue and figured out how to incorporate SS and youthful projects to provide an overall surplus to the BSC.

We look forward to our future developments with the entire BSC community.

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