BSC News Project Spotlight: In Conversation with JazDID Co-Founder Dr Jeff Watney

JazDID founder reveals plans to create a launchpad to expand decentralied ID services.

BSC News Meets JazDID Co-Founder

BSC News spoke with Dr. Jeff Watney, the Co-founder of JazDID to learn more about the success of the “.bab” DID mint pass, and the future plans for the BNB Chain decentralized ID project and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

10,000 .bab DID Mint Pass sold out Under 60 minutes

BNBChain Domain Name Service (DNS) JazDID continues to expand its reach across various crypto segments by decentralizing Web3 identities. BSC.News initially reported how JazDID plans to launch its first BNBChain decentralized ID domain name with the suffix “.bab”.

The launch saw all the 10,000 .bab DID sell out in under 60 minutes.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) educated the market on the importance of unique domain identifiers on the blockchain. The BNB Communities were excited for a name service equivalent to ENS on the BNB Chain.” Dr Jeff Watney, Co-founder of JazDID told BSC News.

JazDID has also partnered with other projects within the Web3 ecosystem such as Math Wallet to launch an airdrop to BAB token holders.

.Ape DID Launch

JazDID has launched the .ape DID domain which can be used by holders as their decentralized identity on DecentralandOthersideUsm.World, and other Metaverses. This launch created enormous enthusiasm amongst most BAYC Holders.

Dr Jeff Watney, Co-founder of JazDID told BSC News “When Yuga Labs airdropped Otherdeed land to BAYC and MAYC, both Cryptopunks and Meebits holders were excluded. This time, we want to include Cryptopunks and Meebits. All Wallets that hold one or more BAYC, MAYC, Otherdeed, Cryptopunls and/or Meebits have been whitelisted automatically.”

The Future Roadmap for JazDID

“JazDID will develop a DID Launchpad so that every Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), NFT community, Musician, Football club, and Basketball club can create their own DID suffix. Launching a DID domain collection would be as simple as launching a PFP collection.” Dr Jeff Watney, Co-founder of JazDID told BSC News in an exclusive chat.

JazDID Launchpad will serve as the infrastructure for DID name registration, integration of wallets and DApps, DID creation, management, and trading. BSC News has reported on the Rise of Domain Registration Services on the BNB Chain and why it has been gaining massive popularity amongst the BNB Community.

What is JazDID:

JazDID is a decentralized domain name aggregator co-founded by American rapper French Montana, Null TX founder Mark Arguinbaev and USM.World founder Dr. Jeff Watney. JazDID works as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and every JazDID domain name is linked to a wallet with a private key, so as to enhance the privacy of all addresses linked to the Jaz decentralized identity.

For more information about JazDID, visit the following media links:

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