BSC News Presents: Battle of The dApps

A new show from BSC News invites 9 top BSC projects to participate in a month-long competition. Who will rise to become the BSC News dApp King?

Battle of The dApps

BSC News will add an exciting new show to our roster this month. Battle of The dApps will be a four-week knock-out competition that aims to find the BSC News decentralized application (dApp) King. 

Nine of the best dApps on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will do battle to find the one dApp to rule them all. Participating projects will compete across a series of categories designed to test their might, covering such topics as security, liquidity, longevity, community, utility, and tokenomics. 

“We’re excited to launch Battle of the dApps as the best dApps on BSC will go head to head,” a spokesperson for BSC News said. “The winner of this four-week event will receive a marketing package courtesy of our BSC News team, and will receive the bragging rights of becoming the first-ever BSC News dApp King.”

The first three rounds of Battle of The dApps will pit three dApps against each other. These rounds will cover the first three weeks of the competition, with only one weekly winner being selected from each round of competition. Week four will see the three previous weekly champions face off in the Battle of The dApps Final.

Nine great dApps, but only one can win | Source

The Best of The Best

The lineup of nine projects will be announced on Friday, Oct.15th. BSC News has invited some of your favorite BSC projects to participate ‒ will your favorite project join in the battle? 

After the projects and groupings are announced on Oct. 15, we will commence the event the following week. 

The four weeks of competition will be as follows:

Week 1, October 22nd: three projects compete – one winner moves on

Week 2, October 28th: three new projects compete – one winner moves on

Week 3, November 5th: three new projects compete – one winner moves on

Week 4, November 12th: three weekly winners return to compete – one overall champion is declared BSCNews dApp King.

We hope you will be in attendance each week to help crown the top dApp on Binance Smart Chain! We’re sure it’s going to be a top event!

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