BSC News NFT Weekly Recap: 8/21-8/28

A look into the latest news involving the BSC News NFT and its partners.

Another Week Down

It was another exciting week in terms of news and events for the BSC News NFT.

As the launch date of September 14 draws closer, BSC News NFT has been ramping up its activity (starting with announcing said launch date). With a steadily growing community and an increasing list of partners, there’s a lot of information to cover!

Let’s take a look at what happened over the last week:

DinoX, PolyGod, GooodFellas, and CryptoSnack Announced as Partners

The BSC News NFT is powered by utility, a significant amount of which is thanks to our partners. This week, BSC News NFT announced that DinoX, PolyGod, CryptoSnack, and GooodFellas would be joining the list of partners providing utility to the NFT.

DinoX: Provided 20 whitelist spots in a community giveaway. DinoX will also be providing a host of other perks and benefits to BSC News NFT holders which will be revealed at a later date.

PolyGod: Provided 15 whitelist spots in a community giveaway. BSC News NFT holders will also receive whitelist spots for the PolyGod in-game token farming platform, “MYNT”.

GooodFellas: Provided 15 whitelist spots in a community giveaway. GooodFellas Mint Pass holders will also be given 250 whitelist spots at random.

CryptoSnack: Provided 15 whitelist spots in a community giveaway. BSC News NFT holders will also be offered a chance to win tickets to live RCD Espanyol de Barcelona games.

Moneybags Rico Video Feature

The BSC News NFT was featured in a video by crypto YouTuber and influencer Moneybags Rico!

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Twitter Spaces AMA with DG Pals and ZiggyVerse

On August 26th, BSC News NFT partners DG Pals and ZiggyVerse joined us for an AMA on Twitter Spaces. Discussion revolved around the utility the NFT brings and how DG Pals and ZiggyVerse are contributing.

Check out the Spaces recording here!

Discord Poker Tournament with Women’s Pride NFT

Also on August 26, BSC News NFT held a poker tournament in partnership with Women’s Pride NFT. Players who made it through to the final table were awarded a whitelist spot, with other prizes also claimed by the top finishers. Women’s Pride NFT also gave away an additional 20 whitelist spots through a special giveaway on their Discord.

HomieWars Twitter Spaces AMA

BSC News NFT announced that HomieWars will be the guest of honor in a Twitter Spaces AMA on August 29 at 6:00 PM UTC. Discussion will revolve around the utility that HomieWars brings to the NFT.

Listen live (or to the recording if you can’t make it) here.

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