BSC News NFT to Integrate Binance Account Bound Token

The integration is part of the many perks the BSC News NFT brings, serving to promote the launch of the innovative new Binance offering.

BSC News NFT and BAB Tokens

BSC News NFT is proud to announce it will be joining the list of collaborators with Binance’s Binance Account Bound (BAB) tokens.

As a celebration of the launch of BAB tokens, BSC News NFT is offering a special minting incentive for BAB holders. Any user that holds BAB tokens will have a 25% on any BSC News NFTs minted on Rareboard starting on Friday, October 14th. This promotion is only available for mints on Rareboard and not on any other marketplace where BSC News NFTs can be purchased.

What are BAB Tokens:

BAB tokens are Binance-issued “soulbound” tokens that are non-transferable and provide a solution for decentralization identity concerns. BAB tokens are the first soulbound tokens to be issued on BNB Chain.

The token will essentially serve as a form of credentials for Binance users that have completed KYC protocols on the platform. According to Binance, BAB holders will be privy to a variety of potential benefits, including access to airdrops that are BAB-exclusive, new NFT mints that require BAB tokens to be held, and a variety of other perks – including the 25% minting discount on BSC News NFTs.

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