BSC News NFT to Distribute Glory Pass NFTs for Football Fiesta 2022

Claim a Glory Pass and join the exciting celebration of the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Handing Out the Glory

BSC News NFT is proud to announce it is partnering with BNB Chain to distribute 5,000 Glory Pass NFTs to holders.

Glory Pass NFTs allow holders access to Football Fiesta 2022, a special match prediction campaign from BNB Chain for the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup. Football Fiesta participants can make predictions on matches and earn a chance to win mystery box rewards from a $500,000 prize pool!


How to Claim Glory Pass NFTs

Claiming a Glory Pass NFT requires users to complete a series of on-chain and off-chain tasks through Galxe, the issuing platform for the Glory Passes. The tasks are as follows:

On-Chain: Mint a BSC News NFT.

Off-Chain: Follow @BSCNewsNFT on Twitter; join the BSC News NFT Discord server and obtain the ‘Verified Holder’ role (instructions to obtain role are in the server); retweet and like this pinned Tweet.

Once all credentials are fulfilled, you can claim your Glory Pass on the Galxe campaign!

What is Football Fiesta 2022

Football Fiesta 2022 is a one-time special campaign from BNB Chain that celebrates the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup. The campaign will officially begin on November 15th and will be open to both new and existing users.

Starting November 1st, 120,000 total Glory Pass NFTs will be issued to holders through a variety of BNB Chain partners. Glory Passes act as a premium membership for the campaign, with holders having access to more than 20 exclusive activities. Holders can participate in match predictions, earn perks and benefits from BNB Chain ecosystem partners, or even redeem their NFT/voucher to play special games!

More information will be revealed as the start of Football Fiesta nears – stay tuned to BNB Chain and BSC News NFT social channels to learn more!

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