BSC News NFT Holding “Art-Off” Competition

BSC News asks the community to design NFTs for a chance to have your design chosen as a BSC News NFT.

BSC News NFT Launches Art-Off Competition

BSC News NFT is now holding a competition where you get the chance to see your own custom design emblazoned on our NFT!

Dubbed “Art-Off” by the BSC News NFT team, the competition allows users the chance to design their own NFT using a provided template seen below:

The rules of the competition are quite simple. Using the provided template, come up with your own design for a BSC News NFT! The design is completely in your hands – the only rule is it must not contain copyrighted or trademarked material.

Once you’ve completed your design, head on over to the BSC News NFT Discord server. After joining the server, head over to the ‘art-off-submissions’ channel and use the link pinned at the top to submit your design!

The competition has now started and will run through August 5th, with submissions closing at 4:00 PM UTC. As soon as submissions are finished, our judges will review the designs and choose 5 designs they feel are of the highest quality. Out of these 5 finalists, one design will be chosen as the grand prize winner.

Prestigious Prizes

This wouldn’t be a competition without some exciting prizes up for grabs! The grand prize is seeing your design become an exclusive BSC News NFT, but there’s much more up for grabs:

The top 5 designers will be awarded the “Artist” role on the BSC News NFT Discord server.

Every entry that shows a reasonable level of effort (regardless of artistic expertise) will earn the designer a whitelist spot for the BSC News NFT mint on September 14.

Some super secret prizes may be given away as well…

Do you think you have what it takes to win? Download the template, design your NFT, and submit it now!

Check out the BSC News NFT TwitterDiscord, and website for more information on the competition and the BSC News NFT.

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