BSC News Launches News Jobs Portal

BSC News is expanding despite the bear market to help the entire crypto community, both protocols, and job-seekers, by creating a meeting point for the two parties on our newly launched portal.

Crypto Jobs Now!

BSC News, the premier media house for all things crypto, has recently launched ‘CryptoJobsNow.’ The job portal specifically caters to the Web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industries. 

BSC News is leveraging a network created with various stakeholders in the cryptoverse, and its impressive community (over 600K followers on Twitter in just a year) for the initiative. BSC News aims to further integrate into this niche space by providing a platform to match the right talent with appropriate opportunities. 

“CryptoJobsNow is a product by BSC News that is setting itself apart from the competition, as we saw flaws in current expensive job boards, which are insanely priced with next to zero talent. We are fixing that with next to zero or no cost listing and a huge talent pool and other perks such as allowing job seekers and employees to apply/manage positions via the board rather than going to an external URL.” stated the COO and co-founder of BSC News, Kamran Iqbal, about the new product in the publication house’s expanding product suite.


The CryptoJobsNow launch might surprise many, as at the time of writing, the crypto market has entered one of its worst bear phases so far; however, it highlights the media house’s commitment and belief in the decentralized movement. BSC News has decided to continue expanding and finding ways to support the community during this tumultuous period. 

Even though the markets have slowed down, development, innovation, and decentralization remain the key drivers of the crypto industry, with tons of new projects launching every day. There is an opportunity in every crisis. Find yours at CryptoJobsNow.

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