BSC Growth Alliance Announces Second NFT Giveaway

BSC News’ publication brought about the latest giveaway by the NFT group on BNB Chain.

BSC News Initiates NFT Giveaway 

BSC NFT Growth Alliance launched another Non-fungible Token (NFT) giveaway in response to BSC News’ article about its first NFT giveaway on February 19th. The group of 20+ NFT projects on BNB Chain launched the latest giveaway to celebrate the article. 

The first NFT giveaway produced five winners announced via Twitter on 19th February. Each of the five winners won one NFT from reputable BNB Chain NFT projects: Retro Boyz, Ape Heroes, Retro Joints, Non-Fungible Bananas, and Liquid Monsters. 

Moments after announcing the winners, the group expressed delight at being featured on our news platform before hosting another giveaway to celebrate the article. 

“We are extremely grateful to have caught the eye of @news_of_bsc. Aside from the successful 500 Follower giveaway that ended last night, the #BSC NFT Growth Alliance is making great strides to grow the entire #BNBChain #NFT space,” BSC NFT Growth Alliance quoted BSC News’ tweet about its 500 Follower NFT giveaway on February 19th. 


The latest giveaway has already produced a winner. According to the union’s tweet on Sunday, February 20th, Pavlo was the lucky winner of a festive Lil Bull NFT from The Bull Society collection. BSC NFT Growth Alliance congratulated Pavlo on Twitter. 

The BSC Growth Alliance is building a strong and user-focused community from the ground up. Coalescing behind the love of NFTs and BNB Chain, the alliance seeks to educate and promote projects building and work to foster positive art environments. 

BSC NFT Growth Alliance Shares Oddblox NFT Giveaway 

The union, which focuses on growing the NFT ecosystem on BNB Chain, updated the community about an ongoing NFT giveaway by Oddblox. Oddblox is a fully on-chain generative art series on BNB Chain. 

The giveaway tagged “Twitter Banner Contest” is for holders of an Oddblox NFT. From Oddblox NFT’s tweet on 18th February, the lucky winner would be announced on 25th February at 5 PM UTC and receive 0.25BNB. 


How to Participate: 

Mint an Oddblox NFT from the Oddblox website

Create a Twitter Banner using your Oddblox NFT. 

Follow Oddblox NFT on Twitter. 

Join the protocol’s discord

Drop your creative Twitter header in the contest chat on discord. 

Visit Oddblox NFT’s contest tweet to learn more and participate in the Twitter Banner Contest. 

What is BSC NFT Growth Alliance? 

BSC NFT Growth Alliance consists of 20+ BSC NFT projects working together to grow the BSC NFT space. The group’s vision is to provide a BSC NFT market that rivals other top blockchains and are focused on bringing BSC NFTs to consumers in the industry. 

Follow BSC NFT Growth Alliance on Twitter to learn more. 

What is Oddblox?

The Oddblox series began from two friends seeing a gap in the NFT market on the Binance Smart Chain and the opportunity to bring generative on-chain art to a new space. Using a variety of shapes and color palettes, each Oddblox NFT is assembled on mint. The created image is then encoded and stored in the token. When you own the token you truly own the art. This allows the greatest flexibility for future use cases of the Oddblox NFT genesis series. The generated NFTs serve as a digital Rorschach test with the viewer projecting their interpretation of the forms. Each piece is unique and possesses traits, though these traits do not directly determine visual appeal and rarity is entirely random.

Where to find Oddblox:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium |

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