BSC Farmer’s Weekly Newsletter #21

DeFi Recap

This week BSC DeFi’s total value locked(TVL) reached $27.2 billion.

Among them, PancakeSwap has $11.01 Billion ranking the first, Venus $3.23 Billion is the second, Alpaca Finance $1.42 Billion the third, Tranchess $1.34 the fourth, MDEX $1.22 Billion is the fifth.

Trend of the week

The best-performed BSC Tokens this week are:


Farm of the Week


BabySwap is the best AMM+NFT decentralized exchange for newborn projects on Binance Smart Chain, providing a more friendly trading experience and better project support. BabySwap supports liquidity farming and single token farming, currently the highest annualized rate is 694.22% (XOS-USDT LP farming).

Take BABY-USDT liquidity farming as an example, the operation process:

1. Add liquidity to BABY- USDT and get LP Token

2.Visit the BabySwap pool, and stake LP Token in the BABY-USDT pool. Currently, the BABY-USDT pool has the highest farming efficiency, and a single block can enjoy 40 times the farming reward.

3. After staking the token, you can start farming BABY tokens.

Reminder: Do your research before any investment, farm responsibly, and never farm with money you can’t afford to lose.

NFT Project Introduction


CryptoBay is a play-to-earn metaverse game platform on BSC.

1.You can buy and build ships in MarketPlace. You may get your ship by buying a mystery box.

Each account can only have one mystery box or one ship. If you want to own multiple ships, you can use multiple accounts.

Ships are divided into 6 classes: Transport, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate, Warship, Assault. Which class of ship you can get is random, and your ship’s stat values can be viewed in the details page.

2. By participating in the daily Adventure, you can get PEARL token rewards and earn experience point.

PEARL tokens will be locked in 14 days and then released to your wallet. PEARL tokens can be used to repair or upgrade your ships to make them more effective.

3. Gameplay that is cooming soon:

fight with others players in the arena

build your harbour, recruit captains, feed pets and other interesting daily tasks

Plow of the Week

DEX Tracker — BscScan

DEX Tracker is a new practical tool recently launched by BscScan. It almost monitors all the order data on several leading DEX in real time and users can find out which tokens are popular at present.


On Sept. 2 , we celebrated the first anniversary of BSC. In just one year, the peak value of both on-chain address and on-chain transaction exceeded Ethereum.

Over the past year we have experienced a boom in DeFi, and 2021 will be the first year for NFT to flourish. Jeff, the head of BSC Asia-Pacific Community, also spoke at the 1st anniversary of BSC about the growth of NFT this year, with GameFi having the biggest impact as 80% of NFT is GameFi.

The two rounds of acceleration plan proposed by BSC this year has been gradually clarified, which will focus on GameFi. Combined with BSC’s strong financial strength, massive community users and resources, it will greatly help GameFi to be implemented. At present, about half of the top 10 GameFi come from BSC, such as CryptoBlades, My DeFi Pet, My Neighbor Alice, MOBOX, etc.

NFT and blockchain may come to be known with GameFi, and we believe that BSC will take this opportunity to get the ball rolling.

Source : bscproject.medium

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