BSC Farmer’s Weekly Newsletter #18

DeFi Recap

This week BSC DeFi’s total value locked(TVL) reached $17 billion.

Among them, PancakeSwap has $6.79 billion ranking the first, Venus $2.63 Billion is the second, Ellipsis $1.3 Billion the third, MDEX $1.26 the fourth, CoinWind $0.87 Billion is the fifth.

Trend of the week

2. BSCProject upgraded:

– Main Page added 7 Days Ranking section, support users to check TLV ranking during 7 days、active address ranking、TX ranking according to TVL Change / Address Change / Txn Change.

-A high APY DApp section has been added, where users can view the current DApps with high comprehensive farming revenue and the annual return of each farming currency

-A trendy BToken APY board has been added, where users can view the most popular BTokens and DApps with the highest APY that can be used for farming

-Added the popular DApp section, which mainly recommends popular DeFi and NFT DApps for users

-In addition, the new version of BSCProject also launched the most popular NFT project page and DeFi project page, users can view the most trendy projects and hottest AMA activities in the project page.


ApeSwap is a liquidity farming and AMM staking decentralized platform based on Binance Smart Chain. The highest APR rate is 3798.84% at present.

We use ASX-BNB LP as an example to introduce the farming steps:

2. Switch to ApeSwap’s Farming zone, stake AXS-BNB LP tokens, and start farming BANANA tokens after the signature transaction is successful

Reminder: Do your research before any investment, farm responsibly, and never farm with money you can’t afford to lose.

NFT Project Introduction


DeHero is a card collection game released on BSC by the globally renowned blockchain game publishing platform MixMarvel. The project integrates the gameplay of card games with DeFi functions and NFT transactions, using financial logic into the game. GameFi chain game concept featuring NFT+DeFi gameplay.

Specific introduction:

Stake BToken, farm HERO tokens, mint HERO card NFT — stake WBNB/BUSD/CAKE/BTCB/ETH/MDX/COW BToken, farm DeHero project tokens, HERO, the current highest APR IS 1104.420%

– Click Receive NFT to mint a HERO card NFT using the HERO tokens you received from staking and farming

Collect card, receive HERO token farming revenue– visit card section, staking NFT colelction, get the power to farm HERO tokens, the higher the power, the higher the farming power

  • Trade cards to earn HERO or BUSD

If your NFT card is no longer used for collectible farming, you can order it on DeHero’s market and sell it for HERO or BUSD revenue.

Plow of the Week

ChainIDE — BSC

ChainIDE smart Contract cloud development tool is launched by the blockchain development team Pure White Matrix, providing developers with a full set of self-developed middleware system and developer ecosystem, including: IDE, test network, developer wallet, browser, tutorial and other integrated services. It helps the development team only need to focus on the design of smart contract itself, in the applicability breakthrough at the same time, greatly save the development cycle.


At present, there are more and more NFT assets on BSC. Since the official launch of BSC, projects in many NFT fields, including art creation, fashion goods, collection auction, trading platform, blockchain game and so on, have been released on the chain. BSC official also said that it will provide deep community support for NFT projects with higher requirements for the authenticity, and more development resources will be tilted towards NFT. Several rounds of hackathons held this year are also working towards NFT direction.

At present, NFT has become second ecological circuits in parallel with DeFi on BSC, and an NFT industrial chain from creation to circulation has been formed fastly. Let us look forwrad to the ecosystem of BSC to create more opportunities for the development of NFT.

More BSC project, please visit:

Happy Farming!

Source : bscproject.medium

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