BSC Farmer Weekly Newsletter#12

DeFi Recap

This week BSC DeFi’s total value locked(TVL) reached $35.5 billion.

Among them, PancakeSwap has $9.83 billion ranking the first, Venus $4.26 Billion is the second, Belt Finance $1.77 Billion the third, MDEX $1.62 the fourth, Ellipsis $1.4 Billion is the fifth.

Trend of the week

The best-performed BSC Tokens this week are:

BscProject published BSC NFT ecosystem map:

Farm of the Week


Cyclone is a multi-chain, non-custodial, privacy-centric protocol. By means of non-interoperable concise zero-knowledge proof (zkSNARKs), the Cyclone protocol can completely break the on-chain connection between the deposit address and the withdrawal address, so as to protect the transaction privacy.

Currently, you can earn up to 396% APR by participating in liquidity Farming in Cyclone.

The following is an example of CYC/BNB LP V2 on staking PancakeSwap to introduce the specific farming steps:

1. Add liquidity of CYC-BNB in PancakeSwap, to receive corresponding LP Token:

2. Return to Cyclone , stake CYC-BNB LP token in CYC-BNB LP V2,authorize the contract then approve stake, then start farming CYC token.

Reminder: Do your research before any investment, farm responsibly, and never farm with money you can’t afford to lose.

NFT Project Introduction

Bakery NFT Marketplace

Bakery NFT Marketplace is NFT marketplace on BSC, it supports users to mint or trade collectibles, game NFT collection, voting and auction services on its platform, so far has achieved more than 240,000 NFT transactions and more than 75,000 coin minting, is the leading NFT trading platform on the BSC, it is also the NFT project asset issuance platform. Provide initial coin offering services for selected high-quality projects to early stage investors.

How to mint NFT?

1.Visit Bakery NFT Marketplace then connect wallet then click Mint Artwork.

2. According to the notification on the page, after setting the type of artwork, cover display, name and introduction, tick the promise agreement at the bottom and click the Mint button to authorize signature, NFT minting can be completed.

At present, each NFT minting consumes 0.01 BNB. Please make sure there is enough amount of BNB in your wallet before minting NFT.

3. The collectibles can be checked by clicking on My Artworks after successful mint, and you can also put your NFT in the market for auction/sale.

How to bid/sale NFT?

You need to own a BAKE to bid/buy NFT at the Bakery NFT market, so please prepare enough BAKE tokens before participating in the auction.

2. Choose your favorite NFT in the market, click on the Bidding or buy it directly. Successful bids/purchases of NFTs can be viewed under My Artworks.

Plow of the Week

CoinMarketCap airdrop tool:

With the Airdrop tool, users can participate in Airdrop directly on CoinMarketCap or view the complete Airdrop Calendar on CoinMarketCap, including information on current, upcoming, and closed Airdrops.


With this week’s market volatility, BSC ecosystem has also seen a number of high-profile security issues that were previously only seen on Ethereum ecosystem. We believe that every adjustment is a great opportunity and BSC ecosystem will continue to thrive in a broader field.

More BSC projects, please visit:

Happy farming!

Source : bscproject.medium

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