BSC Farmer Weekly Newsletter #3

Among them, Venus ($5.25 billion) surpassing Pancakeswap ($4.4 billion) ranked first. Autofarm’s $1.28 billion ranked third and followed by Alpaca Finance’s $831.72M, Goose Finance’s $587.22M is fifth on the list.

Highlight of this week

1. The number of BSC ecosystem projects has reached 340! The Ethereum DeFi project has a clear trend to migrate to BSC, including: 0x, Alpha Finance, BadgerDao, etc.

2. BSC NFT projects are growing rapidly with trendy projects such as DEGO and Bashmask. Detailed project list can be found at:

BscProject – All Projects building on Binance Smart Chain

All Projects building on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Farm of the Week

Alpha Finance goes online on BSC:

Alpha Homora was developed by Alpha Finance Labs to efficiently utilize Yield Farming’s mining assets.

At present, the annualized return is between 35–150% can be achieved by generating ibBNB through deposit BNB.

ibBNB is an interest-bearing asset, and the way Alpha Finance plays on Ethereum, it should be able to double its profits by providing liquidity to ibBNB.

The steps of farming:

First have some BNB

1. Visit Alpha Earn BSC page at

2. Connect wallet

3. Then enter the number of BNB and start farming by signing the transaction

4. You will receive farming rewards from ibBNB + ALPHA

Alpha Homora’s other Farm pools support the Leverage farming mode, BSC farmers can explore on their own, as it brings the brand new mode to the BSC DeFi.

Reminder: Do your research before any investment, farm responsibly, and never farm with money you can’t afford to lose.

Conservative Farmer

DODO’s stablecoin LP pool is characterized by support single-coin model, current annualized return is 30%+, and the stablecoin’s variable loss is relatively small

Specific farming operations are as follows:

1. open

2. Select BUSD-USDT trade pair and click stake

3. Click add assets

4. Choose BUSD or USDT, click unlock to authorize

5. Type the amount need to be staked, click add liquidity

6. The you will receive DODO farming rewards

Reminder: Do your research before any investment, farm responsibly, and never farm with money you can’t afford to lose.

Plow of the Week

The new version of the famous DeFi tool DeBank now supports BSC. You can directly connect the BSC wallet to see the number and value of farming assets in the DeFi protocol:


It is expected that BSC DeFi’s TVL will soon surpass the $15 billion milestone, and we should not be surprised that the number will soon surpass $20 billion.

For more BSC projects, visit

Happy farming!

Source : bscproject.medium

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