BSC.Farm Project Review: Complete Data Synthesis of De-Fi Farms


BSC.Farm to be the pioneering step on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with a mission to be the leader in listing Yield Farms projects.

Yield Farm Data Synthesis:

Countless yield farms surface on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) daily; the difficult part is sorting through this information efficiently and effectively. Between the rise in rug-pulls and the increasing number of farms, the research begins to create a diminishing return vs. time.

This is where BSC Farm proposes its solution. The BSC.Farm team aims to create a platform to track and research farms so users can make more informed investment decisions. The platform allows users to efficiently search for projects, investments, opportunities and avoid scams.

For those unfamiliar with the wave of scams in the BSC, I strongly urge you to check out these articles (How to Spot a Potential Rug…, Keep Your Funds SAFE…) by The Ape. Yes, I know I’ve shilled these in almost every article I’ve written, but you know what they say: Safety first.

Key Advantages of BSC Farm

  • Saves yield farmers time researching
  • Accurate, complete, and leading synthesis on De-Fi projects
  • Open access, but extremely selective
  • Collaborative liquidity farming program to interconnect the BSC

Where Da Yield At? 

Currently BSC.Farm has 30+ farms listed, containing their token addresses and websites. Some farms also have additional information, such as the price and market cap. Projects can update or submit their token for listing using the Token Update Form

The dashboard lists all these projects in an organized fashion, showing the newest released farms first. A few big projects, such as JustLiquidity, NyanSwop, PancakeSwap, and BakerySwap, have most of their information aggregated on the dashboard.

While these yields may be very attractive, users must do their diligence and understand the risks of impermanent loss due to providing liquidity. 


There are a few things to note here; the first numbers that catch my eye are the max supply and circulating supply. It is essential to understand the dynamic which token emissions play when trying to value a project. Currently, the market cap is 1.2m, but this only accounts for 30% of the max supply. As this project releases more farming incentives, the circulating supply will increase, affecting the market cap.

Besides the release schedule, it is nice to see that this token has a relatively small max supply compared to other farming projects, with some having an unlimited max supply. Overall this token has lots of farming potential left, but be sure to do your diligence before making any financial decisions.

Airdrop For PancakeSwap Users

The BSC.Farm team recently airdropped 100k BSC to users in the PancakeSwap community. Users who held cake in their wallet on 10/22/20 are included in the snapshot and eligible for the airdrop. Users who want to claim this airdrop need to navigate to BSC.Farm and select the “claim” tab, where they will find their rewards.

A more in-depth tutorial can be found on BSC. Farms’ medium post.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall the BSC.Farm team has taken an innovative approach to providing the BSC ecosystem with reliable information. Their Dapp allows users to sift through many BSC yield farms and provides users with relevant information.

This market moves extremely quickly, and those who don’t have time due to other commitments can easily get left behind, but BSC.Farms aims at tackling this issue.

It is still crucial that individuals make financial decisions based on their behalf or consult a professional financial advisor at the end of the day.

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