BSC Battles Conclude as BSC News NFT Mint Opens

A brief rundown of the BSC Battles event as the BSC News NFT mint is open to the public.

BSC Battles Conclude, Minting Begins

BSC Battles, an event by BSC News NFT, has come to a close. The event saw prizes ranging from whitelist spots to free mints and served as a community-building experience pre-launch.

NOTE: The BSC News NFT mint is currently taking place on Rareboard – mint your own here!

Here’s a rundown of the 5-day event and what users won prior to the minting date.

Day 1: The BSC News NFT Quiz

The first challenge in BSC Battles was the BSC News NFT Quiz. Competitors had to answer a series of questions related to the BSC News NFT and its partners, with the winner receiving a prize of $50 and the top 3 finishers earning whitelist spots.

Day 2: The BSC News NFT Fall Guys Tournament

The second challenge was a video game tournament where users played the PvP game Fall Guys. The prizes this time were a free NFT mint (worth 0.4 BNB), $25, and a whitelist spot.

Day 3: The Drawing Tournament

The third challenge saw community members playing, a game where one player draws an artistic depiction of a word and other players have to guess the word. Prizes were once again a free mint, $25, and a whitelist spot for the top 3 finishers.

Day 4: The Marble Races

On Day 4 in BSC Battles, the community joined our Twitch stream as we played Marbles on Stream. Players competed on the Livestream to win a free mint, $25, and a whitelist spot.

Day 5: The Poker Tournament

The Poker Tournament was the finale of BSC Battles, taking place at the same time as the whitelist mint. Players competed in a high-stakes poker tournament across multiple tables, with the winner receiving a free BSC News NFT mint.

Did you miss out on BSC Battles but have an interest in the BSC News NFT and its extensive utility? Check out the BSC News NFT Discord serverTwitter, and website to learn more, and mint your own BSC News NFT on Rareboard!

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