Breaking: Binance CEO Refutes Money Laundering Report

Binance CEO “CZ” on Tuesday refuted a Reuters report that the exchange facilitated about  of $2.35 billion worth of illegal transactions.

CZ released over 50 pages of email records between Binance’s cybersecurity team and Reuters, which he believes refutes the Reuters report.

Binance CEO responds to Reuters report

Reuters on Monday reported that Binance’s weak anti-money laundering checks and KYC rules caused $2.35 billion worth of money laundering through Binance from the North Korean hacking group Lazarus, illegal drug sales on darknet market Hydra, and investment fraud between 2017-2022. Reuters also questioned Binance on allowing Monero trading on its platform despite warnings from law enforcement agencies that Monero risks money laundering.

Moreover, the news …

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